Celebrating the number 11.

Today we celebrate the number 11. Which is 1+1, which is you and me. Today we mark our passage of time with 11.11.11. Such a grand date we shall not see again for one hundred years. As humans we like numbers. We like to play with numbers. We also like to ‘mark time’. We really […]

Customers vs Readers.

Recently the local press has been delivering a stack of their weekly newspapers to my apartment complex as a freebie. There are 13 apartments in this complex and we often receive twenty or more newspapers. Of those twenty newspapers, at least 80% go directly to the recycling bin at the end of the week, unopened […]

Three little words.

So often, it just takes three little words to change our day and even our lives. Life is good. Look for the good and you’ll find the good, look for the bad and you’ll find the bad. If I think I’m have a bad day I only need to remind myself that…. Life is good. […]

It’s About Time.

Let’s see who’s paying attention.  It’s finally here. The long awaited release of Return In Time is good to go. (Long awaited by me, if no one else, but I tend to be impatient.) If you run, surf, or hop-skip and jump over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble  you’ll find Return In Time by […]

Taking Risks v2

The greatest risk is to take no risk at all. I believe we can all come up with times in our lives when this has proven to be true. I’d love to hear yours. I have one that sits high on my list. Let me share it with you. A couple of years ago, my […]