A chance meeting.

The following is a scene from Return In Time…. A chance meeting. Teressa stood in front of the counter admiring her new scarf as she waited for Zoey to brew a fresh pot of coffee. She was running… Read More

Alchemy of Intimacy.

I like to say I write paranormal, metaphysical, spiritual romance. So what the H* is; paranormal, metaphysical, spiritual romance? I think it can be anything I want it to be, but mostly I believe it’s about the Alchemy… Read More

She wants to be a paperback writer.

She had always wanted to lead a safe life, until she realized how really boring safe really was. It was the creative writing class that drove the nail home. How could she write about angst when she didn’t… Read More

Stories and Relationships.

Every story ever told is about relationships. Maybe not about male/female romantic relationships but there is always some kind of relationship in every story. It may be a business relationship, friends,  parent/child, criminal/victim/detective, old man and the sea,… Read More

What’s Romantic?

I was with a group of women when I asked the question; What’s romantic? Some of the answers were to be expected, candlelight, roses or flowers in general, soft music, sunsets, dancing, walks on the beach. You know,… Read More