Customers vs Readers.

Recently the local press has been delivering a stack of their weekly newspapers to my apartment complex as a freebie. There are 13 apartments in this complex and we often receive twenty or more newspapers. Of those twenty newspapers, at least 80% go directly to the recycling bin at the end of the week, unopened […]

Three little words.

So often, it just takes three little words to change our day and even our lives. Life is good. Look for the good and you’ll find the good, look for the bad and you’ll find the bad. If I think I’m have a bad day I only need to remind myself that…. Life is good. […]

I am blessed.

I live a magical and charmed life. I believe that God is my Source and I am truly blessed. First off, let me say, I believe in a logical God. I look around the universe and I see logic, things that make sense. I admit there are times when things don’t make sense to me, […]