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Until She Says Yes

A Jules Vanderzeit novel from the gilded age.

When a man loves a woman, he’ll ask again, and again . . .

When Anna Maria Lucci leaves her home and family in Italy to work as a governess in the prosperous city of New York, she soon finds herself carelessly shuffled from one wealthy family to the next. She resents their control over her life, but what can she do?  After being banished from her father’s house, she needs the job.

When Kingsley Goddard needs help translating an old Italian text book, he naturally turns to Miss Lucci, the new governess his mother has hired for his younger siblings. It soon becomes clear that spending time with his attractive tutor is much more appealing than the text book she’s helping him translate.

But when Mrs. Goddard learns the governess is flirting with her eldest son she sends Anna Maria packing. She’ll not allow a servant to sit at her table, much less marry her son.

Willing to defy his family, Kingsley must find Anna Maria and hopefully convince her he’ll do whatever it takes until she says yes.

The socially awkward eldest son of a prominent New York family must defy his family to secure the love of the Italian governess rejected by his mother.


Until You Love Me

A Jules Vanderzeit novel from the gilded age.

Before she left, James hadn’t believed he could ever love his wife.

More than a century separate Becky Sue Dobson and Rebecca Wheland Jaffray, and yet one of them is about to discover how deeply their lives are connected.

Filled with remorse over the loss of her daughter, Becky Sue Dobson is ready to end her life, but when her car plunges over a steep hillside, instead of death, she encounters a mysterious man who calls himself the Maestro. Suddenly, everything she had thought to be true is turned inside out.

After only four months of marriage, Rebecca Wheland Jaffray would rather face the scandal of divorce than continue to live with a man she doesn’t love. The only reason James agreed to marry her was to secure a loan from her father. Feeling angry and rejected, she runs off to hide at her family’s summer home even though it’s closed for the winter season. Sadly, it seems nothing she does turns out right.

Facing financial ruin after the market crash in May, 1893, James Jaffray turns to one of the most ruthless men in all of New York and agrees to marry his daughter, Rebecca Wheland. Though their marriage was never based on love, when she suddenly disappears, James realizes his wife wants nothing to do with him.

Seven days later, when Rebecca returns home, James knows something is strangely different, but he’s not sure what or why, because prior to her disappearance, James hadn’t believed he could ever love his wife.


Until Their Hearts Desire

A Jules Vanderzeit novel from the gilded age.

Home is where they’ll find their heart’s desire.

Tessadori Delafield has come to truly love living in California with her aunt and uncle. When her mother summons her back to New York, she goes with great reluctance. She fears her parents have called her back home to see her married to a man of their choosing. The last thing she wants is to sit idle, waiting and hoping for a man to take an interest in her.

Jacob Beaumont is the type of man who could easily capture her heart, if only he was around long enough to honestly try. When she discovers the elusive Mr. Beaumont is also keeping secrets, Tessa realizes that’s more than she can accept.

Jacob believes he has found the one woman he can’t live without, but as long as he’s contractually bound to Jules Vanderzeit, that’s exactly what he must do. The man known as the Maestro seems to be doing everything he can to keep Jacob away from Tessa. Jacob’s mother’s life is at stake, and since Jules is holding all the cards, Jacob has no choice but to play by the Maestro’s rules.

There’s no place like home, but for Tessa and Jacob, finding home means following their heart’s desire.


Until We Meet Again

A Jules Vanderzerit novel from the gilded age.

What must she do to have everything she ever wanted?

Victoria Winters doesn’t regret her affair at Woodstock, or that she returned from the past pregnant with a daughter who would never know her father. Maggie is the light of her life and her only desire is for the two of them to live happily ever after, but she’s deeply indebted to the Maestro, a mysterious man who saved her life in exchange for becoming his time-traveling courier. Victoria has spent the last four years caring for her daughter, but she still has time to pay, and now she’s being recalled into service to travel to Manhattan in 1888 to retrieve a lost Stradivarius violin.

The Maestro has tracked the missing violin to Robert Stevenson, a successful investment banker living the good life in the gilded age of Manhattan. After his wife’s untimely death he seeks to employ a new governess for his eight year old daughter. When Victoria shows up at his front door it’s obvious she’s the perfect candidate for the job, even though he suspects there’s much more to Miss Winters than she’s willing to tell.

If Victoria can find the violin within three weeks, she’ll earn extra time off her ten-year contract with the Maestro. If she fails, she risks losing her daughter, and possibly her life.

Before her assignment is over, she’ll be forced to decide;
what is she be willing to lose to have everything she ever wanted?


Dreaming In Moonlight

A fantasy fairy-tale romance

Sometimes we wish upon a star. Sometimes we dream in moonlight.

What he thought was the blessing of a lifetime becomes an unimaginable curse when Lord Gavin Richard Montague, the Grand Duke of Maninberg, agrees to accept immortality from Tazire, a powerful wizard, in exchange for complete control of his kingdom. Now he can never leave.

Besides being Tazire’s great granddaughter, Lady Tara Zanders, is an experienced dream weaver who would rather travel the world than submit to seeking out a husband. When she finds herself attracted to the charming spellbound duke, her curiosity is aroused and her wanderlust falters. She quickly realizes that Lord Gavin is trapped in his kingdom, but she doesn’t know why.

There’s a battle brewing just outside his kingdom that threatens her safety. He wants to protect her. She wants to uncover his secrets.

Each feels the pull of their passion, but will their well-guarded secrets destroy any hope they may have of finding mutual happiness and truly lasting love?


A Time To Begin

The MacNicol Clan Through Time, Book 1

Every great love has a great beginning.

Sparks fly when a naïve but passionate fae princess heals a battle weary highland warrior.

Sophie is tired of hearing other people’s stories. It’s time for her to create one of her own. Leaving the realm of the fae, she ventures to earth where she stumbles upon a weary and wounded highland warrior. In exchange for healing his shattered body, she insists on accompanying him as they journey across the Isle of Skye.

As the lone survivor of a harsh battle, Herrick is grateful to still be alive, if only barely. His only desire is to return home to the MacNicol clan. The last thing he needs is a naïve, self-absorbed faerie princess tagging along, but when the fae princess agrees to heals his wounds, he agrees to a deal that may seal his fate.

She’s a princess of the fae. He’s destined to become chief of his clan. How on earth can they ever be together?

Available at all major online booksellers: Apple Barnes and Noble, KobeAmazon,.


A Time To Return

The MacNicol Clan Through Time, Book 2

Tossed through time, a pragmatic Relationship Coach learns she’s not immune to conflicts of the heart.

What should be a relaxing vacation turns into a working time-travel adventure when Teressa Ellers, a pragmatic and gifted Relationship Coach, is swept back to 13th century Scotland by a powerful fairy. She’s been summoned to act as a matchmaker to secure an alliance between two feuding clans.  Taking the job and seeing it through to a successful ending is the only way for Teressa to return home – which shouldn’t be a problem for the relationship expert. However unexpected complications develop when Rory MacNicol, the chief’s youngest brother, takes a very personal interest in her and sets out to uncover if she’s a mystery to unravel or a woman to be loved.

He’s a handsome rogue warrior; unrelentingly charming, naturally old-fashion and completely unaware of her origins. She’s an independent 21st century woman; witty, practical, thoroughly -modern and determined to return home.

Through it all Teressa learns that even a relationship coach is not immune to conflicts of the heart.

Magic took her back in time to unite a lord and his lady. Is magic strong enough to unite her with her own true love? A return in time may be the only answer.

“Love, ‘tis the strongest magic of them all.” – Rory MacNicol


A Time To Belong

The MacNicol Clan Through Time, Book 3

A modern urban cowboy is swept back to 13th century Scotland where he must take control of his destiny and fight for the woman he loves.

While on vacation on the Isle of Skye, Daniel Ellers is swept back to thirteenth century Scotland for one hell of a kick-ass, time-travel adventure. He quickly recognizes the depth of his dilemma when he learns that his fate is controlled by the whim of a particularly meddlesome fairy.  The uncertainty surrounding his future creates a significant kink in his desire to pursue Kayla, the beautiful young woman who found him stranded in the past. Adding to his problems are Kayla’s three big brothers who stand ready, willing, and able to kick butt to protect their innocent sister.

Kayla MacNicol is tired of her family’s smothering ways. The last straw is her mother’s attempt to arrange her betrothal to a man she doesn’t love. She’s ready to break free from her family’s overly protective rule; all she needs is a little encouragement and some well-deserved support. Her initial reaction to Daniel is one of resentment and rejection. She sees him as an outlander, not fit to spend even one night in Scorrbreac keep. But when repeated exposure to his charming seduction sparks her untapped passion she begins to question her harsh assessment.

Kayla begins to wonder if Daniel could possibly be the man of her dreams when Daniel is forced to take control of his destiny and fight for the woman he loves.


A Time To Forgive

The MacNicol Clan Through Time, Book 4

Sometimes the road to forgiveness is away over yonder . . .

Alex MacDonald will use charm, hard work, or whatever else it takes to get his skittish Clydesdales working again so he can prove to his cantankerous father that he has what it takes to run the family business. When he goes in search of the best horse whisperer available, he finds Breanna Ellers, the sweetest little Scottish lass this side of Inverness. There’s only one problem; for reasons unknown to Alex, she hates the MacDonalds. Alex isn’t above telling a little white lie to hide his last name, not if it means healing his horses and saving the family business.

Breanna Ellers of the MacNicol clan may be a bit old-fashioned, but her psychic ability to connect to animals makes her one of the best horse trainers in Northern California. She’s reluctant to leave Over-Yonder, the family ranch, but the challenge of working with Alex and his Clydesdales proves too tempting to ignore. When she discovers that Alex is a MacDonald, it’s nearly a deal breaker. She hates the MacDonalds and what they did to the MacNicol clan back on the Isle of Skye. It doesn’t matter that the battle took place over eight hundred years ago; to a woman born in 1308 it’s still recent history.

It’ll take a special kind of magic, and a whole lot of forgiveness, to bring these two ill-fated lovers together—again.




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