Magic carpet ride.

Writing has become A passion for me. Not THE passion, but certainly in my top five list.

Writing a book and getting it published is a thrilling journey of discovery. Throughout this process I’ve learned more about myself than I had ever expected. I’ve gained new and greater understanding of who I am and who I want to be. Some of it has been new revelations, and some of it has been scary. Some of it has confirmed previously experienced peeks in to my brain’s boudoir, (isn’t that fun?) and some of it has become new landscape where my soul can play. But always, the journey has been grand and thrilling.

When it comes to writing, romance, life or love; we can not avoid the challenges life presents us. We may try, but have  you ever noticed how life’s challenges always wins that game of hide and seek.  Sometimes it may end badly or not go the way we planned, but that’s the thing about reality, it rarely goes the way we imagine it.  And often, that’s a good thing, because what shows up is so much more rich and challenging and interesting than our little selves could have ever imagined.

One novel published – and I’m still very much an apprentice to this craft. Much like the sorcerer’s apprentice. And much like a little wand wielding woman, I’m trying to create magic from everyday life. It certainly has been a magic carpet ride, but that’s another fairy tale.

Believe it or not, my life is based on a true story.   How about yours?

Enjoy always, T

Great Expectations.

Expectations, great and small, we all have them. And did you know that expectations are the number one cause of all pain and suffering? If you don’t believe me, just ask the Buddha.

You might have thought that stress was the number one cause of pain. Yes, right, but let me ask you: What causes stress? Answer: Expectations.  Usually it’s the ones we place on ourselves, but just as often it’s the ones we believe the outside world places upon us.

What causes fear? Same answer: Expectations. It’s the expectation that something bad is going to happen. What that “bad” thing may be is up to you.

What causes sadness? Doggone-it, it’s those pesky expectations again. What is sadness but the fear and worry that you don’t have everything you want or need? You may think your sadness is caused by loss, say the loss of a loved one like a spouse, child, family member or dear friend, or the loss of a job or home, the list goes on and on. What you’re really sad about is that your expectations are no longer being fulfilled. It’s only because you believe and expect you should have these experiences, such as the continued presence of a loved one, that you become sad when the experience changes.

Still not buying it? Let me show you an example. What if you KNEW beyond any doubts that your beloved was always with you and you could always feel their love as you wished. Anytime, all the time, you were aware of their love. Sounds good, right?  No reason to be sad. You get up in the morning and you each go your separate ways. You’re not together, but you’re not sad. You know you’ll see your beloved at the end of the day. You love them, they love you, it’s all good.

Then they have to go away on a trip, for whatever reason. You might be a little sad that you won’t be seeing them every night. Where does that sadness come from? From the preconceived expectation that you should see them every night, that you need to see them every night. But your sadness isn’t too bad, you know you’ll see them again in a couple of days. There’s no love lost.

You can stretch this time out to a few weeks, a month, even years, and the results are the same. Your sadness is caused by expectations for certain results or experiences that you want to achieve.  How deeply you experience sadness will be based on how deeply you expected  certain results.

Usually your sadness will fade over time as you adjust your expectations to become more in alignment with what you’re actually experiencing. Often, we then go on to create new expectations for new experiences and the cycle begins again.

Okay, now here’s the punch line. WHAT IF you could love without expectations? Ohmygod, you think, not possible. We all have expectations we want to have met. And I don’t disagree. But if you could love without expectations – then what???? You tell me. It could be interesting.

Love is all there is.

Simple doesn’t mean easy or without value. It’s a simple thing to say “Love is all there is.” It’s not necessarily an easy thing to understand. It’s even harder to try to explain. Explanations have a tendency to muddy the beautiful and crystal clear truth of simple messages.

So, let me repeat, Love is all there is. Everything else is fear and all its deceptive disguises. The masks we wear are deceptive disguises. We all wear them. But sometimes we drop the masks long enough to see the love come shining through.

When we practice dropping our masks, magical things can happen. IF we keep practicing, over and over, eventually we become less dependent on our masks until we eliminate them altogether.

With practice comes perfection. With practice we no longer need to hide behind a false facade. If I love myself, I can love you too.

Practice, practice, practice. We all have to start somewhere. No one was born knowing how to dance, or even walk for that matter. But we all were born with the potential.  We all had to learn and we all did. (Walking, I mean, not dancing. Some of us are still learning how to dance.)

With practice comes experience. With experience comes knowing. And let me tell you folks, what I know for sure, Love is all there is.

Enjoy always, T

I am blessed.

I live a magical and charmed life. I believe that God is my Source and I am truly blessed.

First off, let me say, I believe in a logical God. I look around the universe and I see logic, things that make sense. I admit there are times when things don’t make sense to me, things that are over my head, and things I just don’t understand. But for the most part, I believe in logic. And the magic of logic. 😉

It’s not my intent to promote any one religious teaching. Instead, I believe that all paths lead us home. You can call it heaven or whatever name you want to apply. To me it’s the place where I come from and the place I will return.

I have often wondered, why me? Why am I so blessed? Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. More like a leather boot strap in my tight little fist and I’ve been holding on tight my whole life. However, that boot strap isn’t tied to fame and fortune, it’s linked to love and life. I love life, and life has loved me back, and I thank God for it all.

Sure, I’ve had a few hiccups and missteps along the way. Some have been bigger than others. But each time I do the old brush myself off, take a look around and try real hard to understand my self-created pot-holes. Then I keep going.

It wasn’t until I hit the half-century mark that I began writing. Around the time the big five-oh was about to hit I felt a compelling need to put pen to paper, followed by fingers to keyboard, to create romance stories. Metaphysical spiritual romance stories. And the need – the desire – was driven by one of the oldest motivators in the library. I wanted to write the kind of stories I wanted to read. Now I’m hoping others will want to read them too.

I write about romance and spirituality. I believe, and it’s been my experience, that the two go together very well.

So here I am with my first book published, a sequel on the way, and many more works in progress. This blog isn’t just about writing. It’s about spirituality and life, and love, and romance, and magic. Because those are the things that feed my soul, fill my heart and put a big ole smile on my face. And hopefully along the way I can give you a smile or two, and maybe even make you laugh or cry.

So come, let’s go on a magic carpet ride.

Enjoy always, T

It’s About Time.

Let’s see who’s paying attention.  It’s finally here. The long awaited release of Return In Time is good to go. (Long awaited by me, if no one else, but I tend to be impatient.) If you run, surf, or hop-skip and jump over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble  you’ll find Return In Time by Tricia Linden available NOW.

Now is good.

I’m planning a book launch party in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more info on that spectacular, grand event. Now excuse me as I run out of the room screaming and waving my hands in the air as I do the happy dance.

Enjoy always, T