An Offer They Can’t Refuse.

Who is Jules Vanderzeit, and why does he appear in all four of my Gided Age romance novels? He isn’t the hero of any of the stories. He’s more like a villain, the antagonist, and yet, he’s the common factor in the series. Who would base a series on a villain? Not me! Not really. […]

Quotes from Jules Vanderzeit, The Maestro.

Anyone who knows my Gilded Age romance series knows I’m kind of in love with my Magic Man, Jules Vanderzeit. I call him the Maestro. The following is a selection of quotes from Jules Vanderzeit in the book, Until Their Hearts Desire. Enjoy always, T. “Why, a better version of me, of course. If all […]

Until Their Hearts Desire

Hello and Welcome. Great news, my latest book, Until Their Hearts Desire, has successfully launched to great acclaim. Meaning, I can acclaim that it’s launched and the feedback so far had been positive. I’m excited to think it’s out there entertaining my readers. Until Their Hearts Desire – A Jules Vanderzeit novel. Tessadori Delafield has […]

Book Launch Looking Good

I am approximately one month out from my new book launch for Until Their Hearts Desire, and things are looking good.  The book is formatted and uploaded. Now I’m waiting for my full front and back cover to be completed.  Once that’s done, I’ll be getting my proof copy to ensure the book looks as […]