Wizards, and Maestros, and Faeries, oh my.

If you read my romance novels, you’ll see each one has the element of a magical, mystical presence.

In the MacNicol Clan Through Time series it’s a faerie, in Dreaming In Moonlight it’s a wizard, and in my gilded age Until series it’s a man I call the Maestro. For me, the presence of these magical characters represent the presence of the magical and mystical connections that often pass through our lives, and just as often, go unnoticed.

Some call it consequence, some call it fate or destiny, and some call it miracles.

It’s the experience of meeting the right person at the right time, or finding the right book that speaks to your heart, or finding the one true friend that supports you through what seems to be the darkest moment of your life.

In MacNicol Clan Through Time series, a powerful faerie, Mozell, has a habit of sending my characters through time to either meet their soulmate, or to confront their past . . . as in a past life, perhaps.

In Dreaming In Moonlight, the wizard Tazire, grants the demands of a warrior prince only for the prince to discover that what he thought would be the blessing of a lifetime turns out to be an unexpected curse. (Never fear, there’s always a way to right a wrong.)

And in my gilded age Until series set in New York, Jules Vanderzeit, the Maestro, sends people whipping through time, supposedly to be his time couriers. What’s far more interesting are the encounters they make along the way. Sometimes they meet their soulmate, and sometimes they get to confront unresolved issues from a past life. All very exciting, and sometimes, fun.

If you’re into modern spirituality or ancient metaphysical magic, hopefully these story lines will appeal to you. For me they represent the great possibilities of living lives after lives, confronting your karma, and best of all, finding or reconnecting with your soulmate. These are romance stories, after all, and you can pretty much count on a happily ever after . . . at least for now.

My greatest delight is when my readers want to discuss the meaning behind these characters, and search for greater insight into the journey for my hero and heroine. And sometimes, my readers just like to enjoy the story, without digging deeper. To each their own. For me, writing these stories provides me with an opportunity to explore the possibilities of reincarnation, reuniting with our soulmate, meeting our destiny, and best of all, asking the question; what if.

Regardless of how you may view my stories, my greatest hope is that they will entertain, enlighten, and uplift your heart and soul.

Enjoy Always.

Memories of another life.

When I was nine years old, my family moved to Tacoma, Washington from Heron, South Dakota. It was a big move from life on a rural farm to living in a big city. Unable to go too far from our country roots, we lived near the edge of Tacoma, across the street from a wide-open field full of tall trees. A new and beautiful frontier.

Shortly after we moved to this new shiny, but scary place, I had a vivid memory of a previous life. Not a dream, but a full-fledged, cellular memory. I saw how I was dressed—in a plain long skirt with a scarf on my head—and could see people I knew and loved. The memory took me to a church where many of the women and children in my village had run to take refuge because our village was under attack.

A man in battle gear with some armor and a sword, broke into the church and confronted us. I was standing with a woman that I knew was my aunt near the confessional so it must have been a catholic church. The soldier asked if we believed in God, and of course, we said yes. I remember thinking it was the truth. This attacking warrior then pierced me with his sword and I died. Or I should say, my body died. Even as I young girl, I was very much aware that I was still alive. I instantly understood I had been alive before and I was alive again (living in human form).

After reliving that memory, I knew I could never be afraid of death, or grieve too deeply when others died, because I had a visceral knowledge that I/we have lived before and we can expect to live again, and between all this human drama, our spirit, including our personalities, continues to live on.

So it seems kind of appropriate to me that many of my stories include an element of reincarnation. Please, check them out and Enjoy always, T