An Offer They Can’t Refuse.

Who is Jules Vanderzeit, and why does he appear in all four of my Gided Age romance novels?

Timeless romance from the Gilded Age

He isn’t the hero of any of the stories. He’s more like a villain, the antagonist, and yet, he’s the common factor in the series.

Who would base a series on a villain? Not me! Not really.

As I see it, Jules isn’t a villain so much as he represents an opportunity.

While it may seem as if Jules, the Maestro, shows up at the worse possible moment in my character’s lives, he’s really there to offer them an opportunity to set things right. While it may seem as if he’s the source of all their woes, he’s really an opportunity to make life altering choices.

He’s like the classic case of getting fired from a job you really, really hate but think you really, really need. And then, when you’re at your lowest, this eventually becomes the best thing that ever happened to you. If forces you to jump-start your life for act two.

Being forced out of our comfort zone, even an unpleasant comfort zone, forces us to make choices we would otherwise avoid. And while it often seems more difficult and challenging than we would like, it also provides the opportunity for greater rewards.

Interested in seeking out a new opportunity for yourself? Read one of the Jules Vanderzeit books to see for yourself if he can make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Stories Behind the Stories

Authors are often asked where they get the inspiration for their stories. The quick and easy answer is everywhere.

But when you dig deeper, sometime it’s interesting to reveal the
Stories Behind the Stories.

Stradivarius violin

In Until We Meet Again, the first book of my Jules Vanderzeit series, the heroine goes back in time to retrieve a Stradivarius violin that has been left and lost on a train. So where did that come from? Somewhere in my internet trolling (aka research) I came across an old news story of a Stradivarius violin that had been left on a train, believe it or not, by what could only be described as an absentminded musician. I mean, really, who would forget they were traveling with a rare and expensive Stradivarius violin? But I liked the idea of how I could use it in a story.

I was writing a story of a woman being sent back in time and the idea of her going to find the lost violin worked for me. I simply moved the incident back to 1888 and made the owner a general after reading about this on Wikipedia.

As I researched this time period, I also found info on the Great Blizzard of 1888. I used that event as the cause of death for my hero’s wife, leaving the door open for his new romance.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please pick up a copy of my book, Until We Meet Again from one of the many online book sellers and read all about it.

– – – Until we meet again, Enjoy Always, T

Wizards, and Maestros, and Faeries, oh my.

If you read my romance novels, you’ll see each one has the element of a magical, mystical presence.

In the MacNicol Clan Through Time series it’s a faerie, in Dreaming In Moonlight it’s a wizard, and in my gilded age Until series it’s a man I call the Maestro. For me, the presence of these magical characters represent the presence of the magical and mystical connections that often pass through our lives, and just as often, go unnoticed.

Some call it consequence, some call it fate or destiny, and some call it miracles.

It’s the experience of meeting the right person at the right time, or finding the right book that speaks to your heart, or finding the one true friend that supports you through what seems to be the darkest moment of your life.

In MacNicol Clan Through Time series, a powerful faerie, Mozell, has a habit of sending my characters through time to either meet their soulmate, or to confront their past . . . as in a past life, perhaps.

In Dreaming In Moonlight, the wizard Tazire, grants the demands of a warrior prince only for the prince to discover that what he thought would be the blessing of a lifetime turns out to be an unexpected curse. (Never fear, there’s always a way to right a wrong.)

And in my gilded age Until series set in New York, Jules Vanderzeit, the Maestro, sends people whipping through time, supposedly to be his time couriers. What’s far more interesting are the encounters they make along the way. Sometimes they meet their soulmate, and sometimes they get to confront unresolved issues from a past life. All very exciting, and sometimes, fun.

If you’re into modern spirituality or ancient metaphysical magic, hopefully these story lines will appeal to you. For me they represent the great possibilities of living lives after lives, confronting your karma, and best of all, finding or reconnecting with your soulmate. These are romance stories, after all, and you can pretty much count on a happily ever after . . . at least for now.

My greatest delight is when my readers want to discuss the meaning behind these characters, and search for greater insight into the journey for my hero and heroine. And sometimes, my readers just like to enjoy the story, without digging deeper. To each their own. For me, writing these stories provides me with an opportunity to explore the possibilities of reincarnation, reuniting with our soulmate, meeting our destiny, and best of all, asking the question; what if.

Regardless of how you may view my stories, my greatest hope is that they will entertain, enlighten, and uplift your heart and soul.

Enjoy Always.

Launch of Until We Meet Again

It’s here. It’s time. I’m launching my 5th book and I’ve very excited; every bit as excited as when I released my first book. This stuff never gets old.

UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN  is available and ready for my eager readers to hit the buy buttons at the online book seller of their choice, like Amazon or Barns & Nobel, etc.

Robert Stevenson, a successful investment banker living the good life in the gilded age of Manhattan, has found a lost Stradivarius violin. Victoria Winters, an indentured time-traveling courier is sent by a mysterious man known as the Maestro to retrieve it from him. If Victoria can find the violin within three weeks, she’ll earn extra time off her ten-year contract with the Maestro. If she fails, she risks losing her daughter, and possibly her life. 

Thanks for all your love and support. This is going to be BIG, I can feel it now.

Cheers and Enjoy always, T

Pretty darn excited.

I’m getting ready to release my next book, Until We Meet Again, and I’m pretty darn excited. Nearly as excited as when I released my first book, Return In Time.

Though this isn’t my first book release – and you can only be a virgin once – it’s still pretty darn exciting every time I get ready to launch a book baby out into the great big reading world.

This book has been a long time coming. Life and my limited experience with all things technological have hindered and slowed the process, but perseverance has prevailed. I finished the book in June of 2014, but then it took me over six months to get it edited, to get a beautiful book cover and to get it formatted and ready for release.

Now, I’m almost there. I can almost imagine that new book smell as I hold a printed copy hot off the press.

Get ready world, because here I come with book #5, Until We Meet Again.

Enjoy always, T