Magical Musings Monday – Three Little Words

So often, it just takes three little words to change our day and even our lives.

Life is good.

Look for the good and you’ll find the good, look for the bad and you’ll find the bad. If I think I’m have a bad day I only need to remind myself that…. Life is good.

Do your best.

Sometimes it helps to remember that at any given time, on any given day, I’m doing the best I can with who I am. We are all doing our best, whatever that may be. And as we all know, sometimes our best is better than others. So go out there and…. Do your best.

Go for it.

The greatest risk is the risk not taken. When fear threatens to hold us back from our greater good, it helps to push ourselves forward …. Go for it.

I love you.

Three of the most powerful words. They have the ability to change our day, and certainly our lives. Don’t hold back, say them often. Say them to yourself. Right here, right now, tell yourself ….. I love you.

Enjoy always,  T

Doing things my way.

Good or bad, right or wrong, I tend to do things my way…… Don’t we all.

As I was saying, last Tuesday, I started sending  out query letters. I sent out queries for about a year, all the time trying to get better at my new found craft.

I was contacted by a publisher who was interested in my work. Yippee! as we all say. I started working with publisher and things were looking good until they asked me to change a very significant element of the story. Not a rather significant element, but a very significant element. For anyone who has read the story you may be able to guess, but let’s just say, (so as to not spoil it for those of you with it on your TBR list) it would have changed the whole outcome of the intended result. It would have changed the way the Teressa and Rory got together.

I wanted to be published, but not at the expense of writing a story I didn’t want to read. There were plenty of those kinds of book already being published. I wanted to write the book I wanted to read and this was it.

So as hard as it was, I said thank you so much for your time and consideration, but I need to respectfully decline the request to kill my baby.

At that same moment, and I do mean that same moment, I got a call from Balboa Press saying they would publish my story. And I didn’t need to change a thing. (Well, a few things, like it needed some more copy editing, which it got, and it still has errors, but then again so do I!!)  How could I refuse?I didn’t.

It was a long process, longer than I had expected, but the book finally came out in June of 2011. How grand.

Has it been everything I expected? No, not really, but as I say; Reality is rarely the way we imagine it.

Has it been fun and exciting? OH Yes. It’s been grand.

Am I making a ton of money? NO. But, I’ve been vastly rewarded. My paycheck comes every time someone reads my book and tells me they liked it, that they enjoyed reading it and are looking forward to reading the next one.

Am I blessed? Oh yes.  Life is good and I am blessed.

Enjoy always, T

What am I doing here?

A bald man enters a barber shop and asks himself, “What am I doing here?’

Do you ever have that feeling?

I have read that when asked, s75%  of Americans say they would like to write a book someday. (emphasis mine)  How many actually do? Statistically: five percent  (5%)

Yes, that’s right folks,75%  of America’s adults want to write a book, but only 5%  actually make the attempt.

Of the 5%  that try to write a book, make the attempt, how many will actually finish their book and see it through to completion? Again, statistically: 5%.

It rather surprises me that I am one of that five percent. How did I get here? And, What does that say about me? Not really sure but I have some ideas.

First, let me return in time (sounds like the name of a book) to when I was still one of the 95% (of the 75%) of wanna-be writers who hadn’t written a word, a time not too far in the past but moving further and further away with each sunrise and sunset. Well, actually, let’s go back a step further.

Right before I became one of the 95%  I wasn’t even one of the 75%. If you had asked me; Do you want to write a book? only weeks before I started the project I would have said NO. It wasn’t on my agenda, not in my thought process, not on my immediate radar. So how did it come about that I wrote a book?

Good question. I’m glad you asked.

I had been reading a lot of books, as I always do, and for some reason I hit a phase where I wasn’t really satisfied with the books I was reading. Now a lot of that probably had to do with the books I was reading, but owing to the fact that I was less than happy with my selections I hit upon the astonishing idea that I should “Write the book I want to read.” Naive audacity at its finest.

So I sat down and wrote a book.

It wasn’t very good and it took me a year (more or less) to complete, but I had so much fun writing. I found I really enjoyed it, and the characters wouldn’t let me stop writing their story. Yes, I lost control fairly early on.

I moved on to the next step and had people, mostly friends, look at it and thankfully they told me – it wasn’t very good. There was a whole lot I needed to learn about writing a novel, POV (point of view) being one of them. So I bought books, went on-line, joined a critique group and I learned. And I got a little better, thankfully.

A few years later I had a book I wanted to sell. Something I wanted to send out into the world for other people to read, not just my loving friends and family. Again, with all the naive audacity of the blissfully ignorant, I started sending out query letters and started receiving the to-be-expected rejections. Another great learning curve.

I kept trying, kept revising the story, doing fine tune edits and eventually….. well, lets save that for another day. Hope you’ll stay tuned.

Enjoy always, T

Magic carpet ride.

Writing has become A passion for me. Not THE passion, but certainly in my top five list.

Writing a book and getting it published is a thrilling journey of discovery. Throughout this process I’ve learned more about myself than I had ever expected. I’ve gained new and greater understanding of who I am and who I want to be. Some of it has been new revelations, and some of it has been scary. Some of it has confirmed previously experienced peeks in to my brain’s boudoir, (isn’t that fun?) and some of it has become new landscape where my soul can play. But always, the journey has been grand and thrilling.

When it comes to writing, romance, life or love; we can not avoid the challenges life presents us. We may try, but have  you ever noticed how life’s challenges always wins that game of hide and seek.  Sometimes it may end badly or not go the way we planned, but that’s the thing about reality, it rarely goes the way we imagine it.  And often, that’s a good thing, because what shows up is so much more rich and challenging and interesting than our little selves could have ever imagined.

One novel published – and I’m still very much an apprentice to this craft. Much like the sorcerer’s apprentice. And much like a little wand wielding woman, I’m trying to create magic from everyday life. It certainly has been a magic carpet ride, but that’s another fairy tale.

Believe it or not, my life is based on a true story.   How about yours?

Enjoy always, T

It’s About Time.

Let’s see who’s paying attention.  It’s finally here. The long awaited release of Return In Time is good to go. (Long awaited by me, if no one else, but I tend to be impatient.) If you run, surf, or hop-skip and jump over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble  you’ll find Return In Time by Tricia Linden available NOW.

Now is good.

I’m planning a book launch party in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more info on that spectacular, grand event. Now excuse me as I run out of the room screaming and waving my hands in the air as I do the happy dance.

Enjoy always, T