Doing things my way.

Good or bad, right or wrong, I tend to do things my way…… Don’t we all. As I was saying, last Tuesday, I started sending  out query letters. I sent out queries for about a year, all the time trying to get better at my new found craft. I was contacted by a publisher who […]

What am I doing here?

A bald man enters a barber shop and asks himself, “What am I doing here?’ Do you ever have that feeling? I have read that when asked, s75%  of Americans say they would like to write a book someday. (emphasis mine)  How many actually do? Statistically: five percent  (5%) Yes, that’s right folks,75%  of America’s […]

Magic carpet ride.

Writing has become A passion for me. Not THE passion, but certainly in my top five list. Writing a book and getting it published is a thrilling journey of discovery. Throughout this process I’ve learned more about myself than I had ever expected. I’ve gained new and greater understanding of who I am and who […]

It’s About Time.

Let’s see who’s paying attention.  It’s finally here. The long awaited release of Return In Time is good to go. (Long awaited by me, if no one else, but I tend to be impatient.) If you run, surf, or hop-skip and jump over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble  you’ll find Return In Time by […]