Look for the good.

Look for the good.

Leonard Cohen sings; There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

I like the idea that nothing is perfect and yet everything is perfect just the way it is.

We can act like everything is okay, or we can act like everything is not okay. (act = think, feel, react) Either way, we’re the one doing the choosing, not the ‘thing’. The thing that happened, whatever that thing may be, is neutral. The thing itself is neither good nor bad, it just is. We may judge it to good or bad, and we may even have a large following that agrees with us, but regardless, it’s still a judgment call. We even get to judge how good or how bad a thing is.  Good or bad, right or wrong, either way we’re the one doing the choosing.

Rather than jumping to large, easy to judge things – like disasters, let’s stick to the small things – like… oh let’s say… relationships. (In the grand scheme of things, even the end of a marriage is ‘small’ compared to an earthquake or a tsunami.)

I expect most of us have experienced the breakup of a relationship at one time or another. I know I have, more than once throughout my life, and usually at the time it felt bad. Very BAD. And sometimes it was also judged to be bad by others, like my friends and family. Regardless of how the breakup of the relationship came about, there were always things that were out of my control. Lots of things – things that just happened.

While I couldn’t control all those outside things, like a boyfriend that moved away or a lover who wanted to be with someone else, what I could control was how I chose to react. I’m a pretty optimistic type of person. After I stopped crying, I always chose to believe I would find another significant relationship (sooner or later) and life would go on. Both beliefs have proved to be correct. I did find another boyfriend/lover and life did go on.

When I’m tempted to feel like things suck, I try to remind me that things are neither good nor bad, they simply ARE. It’s my choice of perception that causes me to see them as either one way or the other. Everything simply is. When I look for the good – I find the good. When I look for the bad – I can always find the bad. So the question I have to keep asking myself is; where am I looking.

Look of the good – find the good. Look for the bad – find the bad. Where are you looking?

And how’s that working for you?

Enjoy always, T

Return In Time, Prologue.

In anticipation of the big, exciting, long-awaited launch party this Saturday, (I’m only speaking for myself here) I’m posting the prologue from my book, Return In Time. I hope you enjoy this tasty morsel and come back for the whole darn feast.  Check out the News page for details regarding the  big party. Hope to see you there.


Scorrybreac Castle, Isle of Skye, 1292

Moments before the first rays of the rising sun broke over the land the Master Druid of Scorrybreac climbed the long winding stairs of his tower to reach the highest point of the castle. Here, he would carry out his ceremonial request to the guardian spirits of the Isle of Skye, the ones who watched over and protected the lands of the MacNicol clan. As the movement of the earth took the Isle of Skye into the breaking dawn of the summer solstice, the longest day of sunlight, the Master Druid was prepared to make his plea. Like generations of druids before him, he believed the spirits of Skye would honor his request.

Souyer had gathered heather from the earth, shells from the sea, and feathers from the air; symbolic offerings required for this powerful moment of magic. In preparation for the ceremony he had fasted and bathed, and had donned his best druid robes. A circle of protection had been cast, the space had been blessed. Now was the time.

As darkness prepared to give way to the light of day, Souyer looked out over the rugged beauty of the land spread out below. He stood on the tallest tower of the fortress facing the rising sun. To his right he could see the island’s craggy green hills formed centuries ago by the upheaval of the earth. To his left spread the vast expanse of the ocean that reached as far as his old eyes could see. In this sacred time and place the veil of separation would split for a brief moment, and in that precious moment of time, Souyer was prepared to present his annual appeal to the fairies.

In a loud and commanding voice, Souyer recited his well-memorized demand. “Oh great and good fairies, guardian spirits of earth and Skye, in the tradition of our holy and sacred bonds, present to me, here and now, knowledge from the future for the greater good of the MacNicol clan.” He stated his request clearly. He said it once, and only once, allowing the words to linger in the new summer air.

Souyer stood there a while longer watching the sun rise higher in the sky. For days there had been a thick blanket of fog hiding the rays of the sun, which was typical for the north Scottish island, but today the summer solstice sun rose bright into a cloudless blue sky. He felt it was a good omen.

Satisfied with all he had done, he retraced his steps down the long winding staircase and returned to the comfort of his bed chamber. He placed another small log on the low-burning fire and climbed back into the comfort of his bed for a few more hours of rest.

Moezell, one of the strongest fairies in all of Skye, stood watch over the druid, smiling. She had the power to grant the druid’s request and she also had the ability to create mischief and havoc, if she so desired. And such was the case in the early morning hours of that summer solstice on the Isle of Skye.

Lady Lydia, matriarch of the MacNicol clan, fiddled with the needlework piece she held in her hands. She was growing impatient, waiting to hear news from her young cousin. “Finally,” she murmured, looking up as Moezell appeared in the room, “It’s about time.”

“I believe I have found the perfect fit for your needs. She has all your requirements and more,” Moezell greeted her cousin.

“Wonderful. Where can we find her?” Lydia set down her needlework, and focused her gaze on Moezell. She gave a serene smile and her full attention to the fairy standing before her, trying to mask her resentment that she was only half-fey, and therefore forced to rely on her cousin’s assistance.

“It is more like when,” Moezell said. Her lips curved slightly. “She resides several hundred years in the future, in a far-away land called California. However, she will be on the Isle of Skye during the summer solstice.”

“Perfect. We’ll use the power of the solstice to bring her here.” Ideas whirled in Lady Lydia’s head. She would see her eldest son well wed as she so desired. An alliance would be sealed between the MacNicols and the McDonalds. After three years of waiting all would be set to right.

“Did you no hear me? I said she’s from the future?” Moezell’s smile spread into an elfish grin.

“Hah! Who cares when she lives, as if that’s a problem?” Lady Lydia scoffed. “What matters is she will be on our isle and thus, within our reach.”

Love is all there is.

Simple doesn’t mean easy or without value. It’s a simple thing to say “Love is all there is.” It’s not necessarily an easy thing to understand. It’s even harder to try to explain. Explanations have a tendency to muddy the beautiful and crystal clear truth of simple messages.

So, let me repeat, Love is all there is. Everything else is fear and all its deceptive disguises. The masks we wear are deceptive disguises. We all wear them. But sometimes we drop the masks long enough to see the love come shining through.

When we practice dropping our masks, magical things can happen. IF we keep practicing, over and over, eventually we become less dependent on our masks until we eliminate them altogether.

With practice comes perfection. With practice we no longer need to hide behind a false facade. If I love myself, I can love you too.

Practice, practice, practice. We all have to start somewhere. No one was born knowing how to dance, or even walk for that matter. But we all were born with the potential.  We all had to learn and we all did. (Walking, I mean, not dancing. Some of us are still learning how to dance.)

With practice comes experience. With experience comes knowing. And let me tell you folks, what I know for sure, Love is all there is.

Enjoy always, T

It’s About Time.

Let’s see who’s paying attention.  It’s finally here. The long awaited release of Return In Time is good to go. (Long awaited by me, if no one else, but I tend to be impatient.) If you run, surf, or hop-skip and jump over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble  you’ll find Return In Time by Tricia Linden available NOW.

Now is good.

I’m planning a book launch party in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more info on that spectacular, grand event. Now excuse me as I run out of the room screaming and waving my hands in the air as I do the happy dance.

Enjoy always, T

Hello world!

I’m Tricia Linden and I write romance. Paranormal, metaphysical, spiritual romance. Why? Because I like it.

I write about Romance and the Alchemy of Intimacy.  The dictionary definition of alchemy is; 1. a medieval chemical and speculative philosophy seeking to achieve the transmutation of base metals into gold – and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life, 2. any magical power or process of transmuting something common into something special.

I defiantly like the idea of transmuting something common (romance is everywhere, if you only look) into something special.

I believe romance writers use their creative powers to take everyday love stories and transmute them into something special. Hopefully my stories allow readers to believe they have reached across time and space to find a higher plain. It’s my greatest hope that through my stories you’ll imagine everlasting love (HEA) and enjoy the journey along the way.

If you can enjoy now, you can enjoy always.

Enjoy always.