Romance with the letter P.

Today’s romance blog is brought to you by the letter P. The following are some P words that may (or may not) invoke Romance. You decide. Pajamas: a loose fitting garment worn for sleeping or lounging. Lounging is good, lounging can be romantic. Hey big guy, come on over here and lounge with me for […]

The Romance of Color.

Colors create mood and evoke emotions. Mood and emotions set the stage and tone for romance. When we think of romance we often think of the color Red. Red evokes passion. There are red lips, red hearts, blood red and red hot. Yellow and passion, not so much. When we think of sexy romance, we […]

V Day, It’s not just for lovers!

Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s the day we celebrate romance and relationships. All relationships. Come on folks, let’s be inclusive. Let’s not just celebrate romantic relationships, let’s celebrate all relationships.  Let’s celebrate our girl friends, our boy friends and those family members we actually like.  And while we’re at it we can throw in a few neighbors […]

A chance meeting.

The following is a scene from Return In Time…. A chance meeting. Teressa stood in front of the counter admiring her new scarf as she waited for Zoey to brew a fresh pot of coffee. She was running her fingers through the colorful threads of the fringe when she heard a group of men entering […]