Flash Back Friday – A Time to Return

Using the WayBack Machine, let’s revisit one of my previously released books. Here’s a short excerpt from Book 2 of the MacNicol Clan Through Time series – A Time To Return.

Flash Back FridayTeressa stood near the front of the coffee shop counter, admiring her new scarf while she waited for the waitress to brew a fresh pot of coffee. She was running her fingers through the colorful fringe when she heard a group of men enter the shop. From the looks of them in their rubberized boots and heavy all-weather work jackets, she guessed them to be local fishermen. When they got closer, their collective odor confirmed it. She waved her hand in front of her nose.

One of the fishermen, the tallest of the bunch, was busy trying to get the counter girl’s attention, calling to her by name. “Hey, Zoey, make ’em hot and black, like always,” he shouted.

Not wanting to lose her place at the front of the line, Teressa took a step toward the serving counter. Apparently, the fisherman wanted to defy the laws of physics and attempted to occupy the same space as her, causing them to collide as they each stepped forward.

Teressa stared up at the man, who was easily over six feet tall. “Excuse me!” she said.

The large brute stared back at her, as if she were an apparition.

“Excuse me, I was in line here,” she tried again, moving to step around him. Unlike the others, he smelled of salt water and ocean breezes.

“What?” he asked, blinking.

“Where I come from, people are polite enough to say ‘excuse me’ when they’re rude enough to cut in line.” She stood her ground even though she had to tilt her head a bit to look him in the eye.

“Excuse me, miss. I didn’t see you standing there.” Spreading his arms wide, he bowed and stepped aside. He was still staring at her, but now he had a grin spreading from ear to ear.

“I’m glad you think this is funny.” Teressa was trying not to crack a smile, but his grin was devilishly infectious. She dropped her arms to her side, relaxing her stance. He continued to hold her gaze with his dark green eyes. They were kind, and he had a ready smile. Maybe she had judged him too harshly.

“I see ye’ve picked up a wee bit of our local color,” he said with a deep Scottish brogue.

It was her turn to stare blankly.

He reached out, touching the fringe of her newly purchased scarf. “A right fine choice.”

“Here, Robert. Take your coffee and move out of the way.” Zoey set a tall steaming cup of coffee on the counter.

“We’ve got a table over here,” one of his buddies called out to him.

He picked up his coffee and raised the cup to her in a parting salute. “Have a nice day, lass.” Still grinning, he turned away to join his friends.

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“Love, ‘tis the strongest magic of them all.” – Rory MacNicol

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Memories of another life.

When I was nine years old, my family moved to Tacoma, Washington from Heron, South Dakota. It was a big move from life on a rural farm to living in a big city. Unable to go too far from our country roots, we lived near the edge of Tacoma, across the street from a wide-open field full of tall trees. A new and beautiful frontier.

Shortly after we moved to this new shiny, but scary place, I had a vivid memory of a previous life. Not a dream, but a full-fledged, cellular memory. I saw how I was dressed—in a plain long skirt with a scarf on my head—and could see people I knew and loved. The memory took me to a church where many of the women and children in my village had run to take refuge because our village was under attack.

A man in battle gear with some armor and a sword, broke into the church and confronted us. I was standing with a woman that I knew was my aunt near the confessional so it must have been a catholic church. The soldier asked if we believed in God, and of course, we said yes. I remember thinking it was the truth. This attacking warrior then pierced me with his sword and I died. Or I should say, my body died. Even as I young girl, I was very much aware that I was still alive. I instantly understood I had been alive before and I was alive again (living in human form).

After reliving that memory, I knew I could never be afraid of death, or grieve too deeply when others died, because I had a visceral knowledge that I/we have lived before and we can expect to live again, and between all this human drama, our spirit, including our personalities, continues to live on.

So it seems kind of appropriate to me that many of my stories include an element of reincarnation. Please, check them out and Enjoy always, T

OMG, what a busy summer this is. I’ve been working behind the scenes to get four, yes 4, books ready to release. Three of them are actually re-releases of my first three books, but they’ve been re-edited and cleaned up, and have pretty, shiny new covers for their re-release. They’ve even been given new titles, and a series name to go with their make-over. Pretty exciting stuff.

To kick off these exciting second editions, I have written a new novella to add to the beginning of the group, called appropriately enough, A Time To Begin, Book One of the MacNicol Clan Through Time series. These are my time-travel Scottish historical books that got me started writing, and are kinda my love babies. I’m excited to see them get a second chance to spread joy and entertainment out into the world of romance readers.

The series is now called the MacNicol Clan Through Time, and the books to be re-released are as follows:

Return In Time will become A Time To Return

Somewhere To Belong will become A Time To Belong

Away Over-Yonder will become A Time To Forgive

The original publisher of these books, sadly, went out of business. But when one door closes, another one opens, and I have this grand opportunity to publish these sweet stories again under Kingsburg Press. Who doesn’t love a second chance type of romance, and for these sweet babies, this is their second chance to be read and loved by you.

Deleted scene from Return In Time.

Lately I’ve been running snippets from my Ellers Family time-travel series. I recently came across a deleted scene I had saved from the first book, Return In Time. It’s set in the POV of Lady Lydia, and since she is a secondary character in the story, I was advised to leave it out. But here’s a behind the scenes look at the mind of my favorite meddling Mother-in-law; a deleted scene from Return In Time.

If anyone had taken notice of Lady Lydia as she sat alone in her tent, it would appear she had fallen asleep. In truth, she had been summoned from beyond the veil for a private conversation with her cousin. Recent developments had gained the attention of her great-aunt, the fairy Queen, and Moezell was sent with instructions to discuss the matter.
“Are you aware Rory is in love with Teressa?” Moezell questioned her half-fey cousin.
“I have suspected as much,” Lydia grudgingly acknowledged.
“It appears their souls are truly matched,” Moezell advised her, repeating the words of her grandmother, the Queen.
Lady Lydia glared at her cousin. Moezell smiled.
“What do you propose to do? You brought her here, and you did promise to send her back home.” Moezell refrained from pointing out that Lydia had created this mess, and as such, she had an obligation to make amends.
“I am aware of that,” Lydia snapped, reluctantly accepting the obvious. She avoided answering the question directly as she sorted through the problem.
“Would you have me send him forward with her? It would be highly unusual.” Moezell pressed for Lydia’s response, knowing her grandmother would never allow it. She rather enjoyed watching her elder cousin struggle for a solution.
“Nay, I don’t believe that’s right or necessary.” Lydia wasn’t willing to give up the presence of her son to placate his passions. His place was with her, his family and his clan. She thought on it for a moment longer. “Instead I would recommend he be allowed to return, if his soul desires.” Lydia felt pleased with the idea. It was a less than perfect solution, but it would work.
“Return!” Moezell raised her fine silver brow. “And have him wait?”
“If theirs is truly a soul match, as you believe, a few hundred years will be nothing, a mere moment in time.” Lydia was gaining confidence in her solution.
“It’s over seven centuries. And you’re a fine one to speak so. You could only wait until the birth of your own granddaughter to return.” Moezell’s mocking laughter chimed in the breeze.
“Three generations or several hundred years – what does it matter? All of time is only a perception.” Lydia brushed aside her cousin’s concerns. She would not be deterred from her decision.
“Are you certain of your choice?” Moezell asked, giving her cousin one last chance to change her mind. “Once declared, it cannot be changed.”
“I am certain,” Lydia replied. She declared the matter to be set into motion, and so it was.
The cousins smiled in agreement for all that had been accomplished, each for their own reasons, and the world behind the veil sparkled with delight.

Snippet from Return In Time.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join me in the water?” He stood ankle deep at the tide pool’s edge.
“Are you crazy? It’s got to be flipping freezing.” She held her ground on the dry sand, well above the grasping reach of the oncoming waves. Even with the sun doing its best to shine through the clouds there was a chill in the breeze coming off the ocean and she was sure the brisk temperature of the northern ocean was well beyond her wimpy tolerance.
“ ‘Tis cold to be sure, but I have lived my life in these waters. They can no frighten me away by their chill.” He stripped to the waist dove off into an oncoming wave, submerging his entire body under the water. He resurfaced waist deep in the receding waves, shaking droplets of the sea from his hair.
She caught her breath. He was magnificent, rising like the sea-god Poseidon from the ocean, water dripping from his hair and broad shoulders. Oh-my-word, she thought watching the blatant display of male physique, he’s a god and I’m a goner.
He reminded her of the surfers so at home on the beaches of Southern California where she had spent many fun-filled summer vacations. They had always appealed to her as some of the fittest athletes. Watching him now, as he swam among the waves, moving effortlessly from rock to tide pool and back again, she laughed easily with outright joy at his grand display of masculine prowess. Apparently Rory had no need for false modesty. Likewise, she had no qualms about enjoying the physical appeal of a good looking man, and Rory was certainly a man worth enjoying. For the moment, life was good.