Rumor or truth?

Overheard in my brain. Me: There’s a rumor going around that romance author Tricia Linden is getting ready to release a new book. It’s called Until A Change of Heart. Myself: Yeah, and it’s about time. It’s been over a year since the last one came out. Me: But will it be any good? Will […]

Flash Back Friday – Hello.

Until We Meet Again Victoria Winters doesn’t regret her affair at Woodstock, or that she returned from the past pregnant with a daughter who would never know her father. Maggie is the light of her life and her only desire is for the two of them to live happily ever after, but she’s deeply indebted […]

Tenth Book, First Draft

Late last night, early this morning, I finally finished the first draft of my tenth book. This book, Until A Change of Heart, is the fifth (5th) in my Jules Vanderzeit Gilded Age series. I started writing this book more than a year and a half ago on January, 9, 2018. Before this, I was […]