Until We Meet Again

Victoria gave him a hard, cold look. “What did I ever do to deserve this punishment?” Jules merely smiled. “You are mistaken. This isn’t a punishment; this is an experience, one you have chosen.” “Oh, no, I didn’t. I didn’t choose any of this.” “Every decision you made was of your own free will. Certain […]

A Time To Forgive

As we ended last year, I spent a few months reviewing the first three book of the MacNicol Clan Through Time series. It seems so appropriate that we start this new year and end off that series with the fourth book of the series, A Time To Forgive. Sometimes the road to forgiveness is away […]

A Time To Belong

As we head into winter reading season, I’ve been taking a look back at the MacNicol Clan Through Time series. Today we’ll take a look at A Time To Belong. If you’ve been following along with the series, you’ve already met Teressa Ellers, now it’s time to meet her brother, Daniel. A modern urban cowboy […]

A Time To Return.

A Time To Return,  The MacNicol Clan Through Time, Book 2 Tossed through time, a pragmatic relationship coach learns she’s not immune to conflicts of the heart. What should be a relaxing vacation turns into a time-travel adventure when Teressa Ellers, a pragmatic and gifted Relationship Coach, is swept back to 13th century Scotland by […]

A Time To Begin

Sophie liked nothing better than a good story, especially ones with happy endings . . . Every great love has a great beginning. Sparks fly when a naïve but passionate fae princess heals a battle weary highland warrior. Sophie is tired of hearing other people’s stories. It’s time for her to create one of her […]