Flash Back Friday: The MacNicol Clan Through Time.

The MacNicol Clan Through Time

The first series I wrote was The MacNicol Clan Through Time. Here’s a look back at this series with a summary of the various stories, their heroes and heroines, and how they all fit together.

A Time To Begin, Book 1,  introduces the series with a look at the legend of Herrick and Sophie, an early MacNicol clan chief and the fae princess who healed his heart. Every great love has a great beginning. She’s a princess of the fae. He’s destined to become chief of his clan. How on earth can they ever be together?

A Time to Return, Book 2, jumps forward a couple of generations to bring Teressa, a woman from present-day California, to the medieval world of Rory MacNicol in Scotland on the Isle of Skye.
Magic took her back in time to unite a lair with his lady.
Is magic strong enough to unite Teressa with her own true love?

Next, in Book 3, A Time To Belong, my dear readers get to meet Teressa’s brother, Daniel as another time-traveler makes their mark on the historic clan.  A modern urban cowboy is swept back to 13th century Scotland where he must take control of his destiny and fight for the woman he loves.

And finally, in Book 4, A Time to Forgive, we see Daniel’s daughter, living in modern times, showing how past lives can sometimes come back to haunt us.  It’ll take a special kind of magic, and a whole lot of forgiveness, to bring these ill-fated lovers together again.

While my ‘history’ of the MacNicol clan is in no way intended to be accurate, I did draw from the clan’s rich history when writing these books. The MacNicol clan did once reside on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Their lands were absorbed by the MacLeods of Lewis through the marriage of a MacNeacail heiress. And there was a history of disputes between the MacNicols and the MacDonalds. But as any imaginative writer would, I took these basic elements and wove them into a fanciful narrative of my own making.

It would be my great pleasure for you to read and enjoy the saga of the MacNicol Clan Through Time. Blessings, and enjoy always, T

The Maestro speaks.

Come, join me in my magical, mystical world.

Anyone who knows my Gilded Age romance series knows I’m kind of in love with my Magic Man, Jules Vanderzeit. I call him the Maestro. The following is a selection of quotes from Jules Vanderzeit from the book, Until We Meet Again.

“If you truly valued time, Miss Winters, you wouldn’t be so prone to wasting yours or mine. Someday you may find that a moment of time is all that separates you from that which you desire most.” As if to press his point, unnecessary as it was, he continued, “If you will recall, it only took a momentary distraction for you to retrieve one of my most prized possessions.”

“You’re going back to Manhattan in 1888 to retrieve a Stradivarius violin. This particular violin was from Antonio Stradivari’s long period, and at the time of its disappearance belonged to a general in the United States army, if you can believe that. Imagine a military general playing a Stradivarius violin. Totally unexpected. It’s reported that the general lent it to a fellow musician and the damn fool left it on a train. Such disrespect for such a valuable instrument deserves to be punished, but fortunately, that’s not my area of concern. I’ll let karma take care of that. My only concern is retrieving the instrument so it can be preserved for all of time.”

“I’ve already determined how this will proceed and how this will end.”

“I always know how things will proceed, and yet the effort must be made, the experience must be allowed to play out. How else can we achieve what we want? I want the violin and you want to be with your daughter. For each of us to get what we want, we must work together. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“History doesn’t know who he is, but I do.”

“Have you ever known me to be wrong?”

“What would you be willing to lose, to have everything you’ve ever wanted?”

“. . . your focus is shifting from where you’ve been to where you are.”

“You may have left my employment, but you’ll always be obligated to me. I am the Maestro of Time. Everyone works for me.”

“This isn’t a punishment; this is an experience, one that you have chosen. Every decision you made was of your own free will. Certain circumstances have been presented—sometimes under my guidance—but every step that brought you here was yours to make. It’s all very simple, perhaps frustratingly so, but you’re here to have an experience, not to be punished. My best advice to you, my only advice, is to choose well. But if mistakes are made, you needn’t worry. You’ll always be allowed to choose again.”

“Stay or go, the choice is yours. One way or another, agreements must be fulfilled,”

Add a little magic to your day.

Magic Man

Notes and Quotes from the Jules Vanderzeit Gilded Age series – Until We Meet Again:

. . .

It was just one more thing to regret about her life. Victoria resented being forced to do the Maestro’s bidding, but as one of his indentured couriers, as long as he held her contract, she really had very little choice. No matter where she went, or when, the Maestro could track her.

Some people had property and mortgages to pay off, or they risked losing their homes. She had to pay off a contractual obligation of time, or risk losing everything she held dear, including her life.

 “If you truly valued time, Miss Winters, you wouldn’t be so prone to wasting yours or mine. Someday you may find that a moment of time is all that separates you from that which you desire most.”

. . .

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year. So many good books to read, so little time.

If you’re interested in reading books set in the Gilded Age of New York, check out my Jules Vanderzerit series. Jules, known as the Maestro, is a wickedly interesting wizard/magic man who sends people tripping through time to do his bidding. Sometimes they find a little romance along the way. The series starts with Until We Meet Again. Here’s a little taste . . .

Notes from the Jules Vanderzeit Gilded Age series – Until We Meet Again:

She couldn’t be more than a few minutes late for their appointment, and yet the Maestro made a show of pulling out his pocket watch the moment Victoria Winters stepped into his office.  Time—and his precious collection of musical artifacts—were the only things Jules Vanderzeit cared about. People were only useful in their ability to function as couriers to retrieve the latest object of his obsession.

Magical Musings Mondays – The Romance of Travel.


Each day is full of possibilities.

What makes travel romantic?

It’s the excitement of discovery. It’s the call of the open road armed with only a road map (or GPS) and a vague idea of where you’re going. Especially when you aren’t on a ‘guided tour’ and are traveling pretty much our own. Sometimes scary, sometimes pretty exciting.

Even the most detailed map is only an indication of what you will truly experience along the way. It can tell you where is the next turn in the road, but it can’t tell you what you will find there or how you’ll react when you take that turn and find a beautiful ancient castle or a decrepit old farm house.

It’s the lure of the unknown, the path not yet taken that draws out our romantic instincts. It’s no wonder that so many romance stories include travel. I know many of mine do.

One of the most romantic aspects of any new relationship is the very newness of it, the walking into the unknown, the exploration of one another. The romantic newness of any relationship can last for a good long time, if you want it to and are willing to work at it, but somewhere along the way you’re going to find you’re no longer in the romancing stage and have moved into the state of relationship. Hopefully it’s still an exciting state with lots of sunshine and only enough rain.

I once asked a young male friend if he was dating his current female friend or if they were already a couple. He asked how was he to know? I said, when you know you’re going to see her again – and only her – then you’re a couple.

Not unlike travel, if you know you’re going to be someplace for a while, you’re no longer traveling, you’re either visiting (which is like shacking-up together) or living there (rather like being married). There something comforting about finding the right place to lay your head, and when you do, you’re no longer on the road. You’re home.

Romance and travel, they go together well, like bread and butter.

Enjoy always, T