I lea this list.

In my local newspaper they used to run a regular column called: I love it… I hate it. (They may still run the column but I no longer get that paper so I don’t know.) I like the idea of doing an; I love it list. I do NOT want to do an; I hate […]

The Romance of Hair.

Ahh, hair. Long flowing tress, silken strands, cute perky curls. Dark as midnight, rich as mahogany, golden as the sun, soft as silk,  How we romance writers love to describe hair, usually the hair of our heroes and heroines. The color, length and waviness are all very important. On Sunday I watched the Golden Globe […]

Here’s to your health and mine.

This is a bit late today and I wasn’t here on Tuesday. I was in bed, trying to sleep off a cold. It didn’t exactly work, but it helped. I needed the rest, and my body was in a mood to let me know who’s in charge when it comes to my physical well being […]

Great Spirit of Christmas.

Perhaps you remember a Christmas when you got that one special gift. The one you really wanted. The one that made waking up on Christmas morning seem all so magical, because you knew Santa had heard your special wish and made it come true. We had a Christmas like that when my daughter Kelsey was […]