I lea this list.

In my local newspaper they used to run a regular column called: I love it… I hate it. (They may still run the column but I no longer get that paper so I don’t know.) I like the idea of doing an; I love it list. I do NOT want to do an; I hate it list. Why bother?  And I really like the idea of doing a LEA list, because while I may not love all the things that make my list I certainly lea (like, enjoy, appreciate) them. For those of you who may have missed it – this explains LEA.

Here is my fist LEA list of 2012. It may also be my last – who knows – but I do know it’s my first.

I lea my morning cup of coffee. Usually I drink it at work and usually not more than one cup. Unless I’m at a breakfast diner, like Denny’s or IHop, because their coffee cups are so small compared to my regular 20oz cup.

I lea pens that write soft and fine, like the one I used to write the draft for this blog. A pen that writes soft is one where I don’t have to press down hard to get the ink to flow. Flowing ink, like flowing words, is very important to me when I’m writing, as opposed to typing, and then the ink doesn’t matter because it’s not really there.

I lea lists that have more than two things listed because two things doesn’t really seem like a list at all; it just seems like a couple of things. But three things, well now we’re talking.

I lea other people’s funny blogs that make me laugh or even just put a smile on my face. I’m not a big fan of serious blogs, they tend to be too depressing. Kind of like I hate lists. I mean really, why bother. But hey, whatever works for you. (I don’t want to get on anyone’s hate list!)

I lea romance. Of course, that’s why I write about romance. I lea a good relationship and a happily ever after.

These are just a few thing I lea. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love these things. Certainly not the way I love my stellar, beautiful, smart kids or my handsome and charming beau, so I believe lea is the more appropriate term to use here.

But most of all, I lea you, because you’re here. You’re here and you took the time to read my blog, so most of all, I lea you. Writers without readers are like that tree falling in the forest with no one around. The potentical for sound is there but no one’s listening – or in the case of a writer – reading.  Thanks for making my list.

Enjoy always, T

Are you looking good, or just good looking?

An old friend of mine used to say; “She’s not good looking, but she’s sure looking good.”

If I don’t look in the mirror I forget how old I am – and how old I look. Which is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bad looking, I’m just not good looking either, or at least not as good looking as I would like. I figure that holds true for most – maybe all of us. We all fret and worry over our looks. That’s why the fashion and cosmetics industry is so HUGH.

But on a day when I’m being nice to myself, and I’m having a good hair day (like today), I think I look grand.

However – that is not what this post is about, believe it or not.

It’s about looking for good and  feeling young, young at heart. It’s about how we feel and how we see, not how we look (at least not looking-glass look).

I’m reaching a time in my life when I have some good days and some not so good days and some that are so much better. But for the most part – most of the time – I’m a happy person. It is my preferred state of being. Kind of like being healthy. I like being healthy. I also like being happy. I’ve tried the alternatives and I’m sticking with healthy and happy.

It’s hard to feel healthy when you’re sick, really sick. Reality has a way of being….well, real. It’s also hard to feel happy when you’re not. But it is possible to know that;  

This too shall pass.

A few years ago, [yes K, I know it was more than a few years ago, but for now let’s stick with] a few years ago I had a “procedure’ that resulted in recovery time and a great deal of pain for a couple of days. My darling daughter came to my aid to help me as I wallowed in my pain progressed through recovery. At one point, as I’m curled up on the sofa, my stomach clenching with cramps, she said, “Don’t worry, Mom, this too shall pass.” It was grand.

Her simple words cheered my heart more than she might have known. Her optimistic outlook brightened my day and warmed my heart. Other body parts were still feeling the pain, but my heart was light and happy. And it had nothing to do with the pain meds.

She – of course – was right. The pain passed, the procedure was a success, and life soon was good again. Not that life had ever really been bad, not really, but now I was once again plugged into the neon light and could actually see the good.

Which brings me to my point…When we look for the good, we find the good. If you don’t believe me, look in the bible… Seek and ye shall find. Which really means, look for the good and ye shall find the good. Converstly, if ye seek the bad, ye shall find the bad, so it’s all a matter of where you’re looking. Me – I’d rather look for the good.

How about you? I’m hoping you’ll go out and have a good looking day.

Enjoy always, T

The Romance of Hair.

Ahh, hair. Long flowing tress, silken strands, cute perky curls. Dark as midnight, rich as mahogany, golden as the sun, soft as silk,  How we romance writers love to describe hair, usually the hair of our heroes and heroines. The color, length and waviness are all very important.

On Sunday I watched the Golden Globe awards and of course hair styles were very much observed and commented on. What looked good and what didn’t. And let me tell you, I saw some hits and some noticeable misses. But I’m not here to give you my review of red carpet hairdos. I’m here thinking of my own. I know, how self-centered of me, but that’s the way it works.

We’re probably all familiar with the story of Samson and Dehlia. If you’re not – go google it or just pick up the old testament of the bible. Long story – short, the guy was a great, big, strong hero with long, thick, dark, wavy, hair. What more could a woman (or romance writer) want when looking for the perfect hero hairdo? But  nasty ole Dehlia had it out for goody boy Samson and as soon as she got her hooks on him she had his lovely locks cut short. Yep, off with his hair. And with his hair went all his power. . . along with his eyesight, but that’s too much to go into here. Years later, when his hair grew back, he also got his power back and eventually there was a happy ending. See how it all ties together.

Anyway, when I was in my twenties I had long blonde hair to the middle of my back. Men loved it. I loved it – until one day when I cut it all short. One miserable, “what-was-I-thinking” day. And it’s never been as long since. I have often missed my long golden locks. After that major surgery on my hair I have gone from shoulder length to pixy short and back and forth on a continuous hunt for the just right, or at least perfect hair style. It continues to elude me. Oh woe is me.

I ended the year with fairly short hair, or at least shorter than I like.  Now that I’m – shall we say – older, I figure I’m pass the time when I can get away with long flowing locks. Besides, my hair is now too thin to support the look. By the time it reaches past my shoulders it looks like wisps of lonely strands hanging limp and unmanageable. We like our hair to be managed.

But I’m not a fan of my now-short look either. I’m thinking 2012 is a good year to let it grow longer. Not long mind you, just longer. For the next few months it’ll be a work-in-progress as it goes through that unpleasant stage of ‘growing out’.  Like any new years resolution, I hope I can stick with this. But by February – well who knows. I may be back to looking like Mary Martin from Peter Pan fame. I certainly hope not.

Here’s to long lovely locks in 2012. Or at least a somewhat closer to perfect. Hell, I’ll settle for Goldilocks “just right” if I can ever find it. Now that’s a fairy tale if I ever hear one.

So how’s your hair hanging. Off the top of your head, tell me if you love it or hate it?

Enjoy always, T

Here’s to your health and mine.

This is a bit late today and I wasn’t here on Tuesday. I was in bed, trying to sleep off a cold. It didn’t exactly work, but it helped. I needed the rest, and my body was in a mood to let me know who’s in charge when it comes to my physical well being when I’m not being good to myself. So it figured it would smack me up-side the head and fill it with yellow-green slimy stuff, and make my throat scratchy, and make me tired, and well I think you get the picture. Not pretty, I know, but we’ve all been there.

I can’t complain too loud or long. It’s been five or more years since I’ve been hit this hard with a cold. Yeah for me! Here’s to your health and mine!

Colds are little things that can cause chaos. I was on the phone earlier today talking to a customer, trying to tell them how we can provide ‘added value service’ and I was coughing up a storm. I could hardly carry on a conversation and wanted very much to postpone the conversation for another time, maybe ever another day. But I didn’t. The guy seemed interested in what I had to say so I coughed and sputtered my way through the sales pitch, hoping they would give me another chance to make good on my presentation. Nasty old cold. You lose big points for that.

I heard that it takes seven to eight days to get over a cold if you stay home and rest. But if you continue to work through a cold it can take a week or more to get over. So I’m doing both. Resting and working and I’m keeping track. This cold has a deadline. Only a few more days and it needs to pack up and move on. Hello, cold. I hope you’re listening.

Look at that I feel better already. Keep a smile on your face and some laughter in your soul. It’s some of the best medicine known to woman.

Enjoy always, T

Great Spirit of Christmas.

Perhaps you remember a Christmas when you got that one special gift. The one you really wanted. The one that made waking up on Christmas morning seem all so magical, because you knew Santa had heard your special wish and made it come true. We had a Christmas like that when my daughter Kelsey was three years old.

Kelsey had one special wish for Christmas that year. All she wanted was a My Size Barbie .

The Mattel toy company had come out with a life size Barbie doll that stood about three feet tall and came with a variety of physical characteristics. If you were lucky you could find one that looked very much like the little girl who would receive it. You could choose the color of the skin, hair and eyes from the many dolls available.  A life size playmate for little girls, and they could even wear the beautiful princess gowns that came with the doll.

This one special doll was the only thing my daughter Kelsey wanted for Christmas, and her dad and I wanted very much to fill the wish of our darling daughter, so we went to the local toy stores to check out the life-size Barbie dolls.

The dolls were quite lovely. Some had blond hair and blue eyes, some had black hair and dark eyes and there were ones like Kelsey with long brown hair and soft brown eyes. But these very special dolls did not come cheap. Besides being ten times bigger than a regular doll they cost ten times more.

Kelsey’s dad and I wanted very much to fill her Christmas wish, but we could not reasonably afford such an expensive doll. It wasn’t that we couldn’t afford to buy any Christmas presents for our children, but being the practical parents that we were, such an expensive doll was beyond our budget. We picked out a very nice, but smaller (much smaller) doll as our gift for Kelsey. We were well aware it wouldn’t be the one special doll that she was wishing for, but we hoped it would still be enjoyed.

The days passed quickly with so much to do; decorating the house with lights, pick out a tree to decorate with all the special ornaments collected over the years, lots of Christmas shopping, and of course lots of time with family and friends.  As Christmas drew closer and closer I really began to fear the disappointment that awaited Kelsey on Christmas morning.

Soon it was Christmas Eve. I was home alone getting the house ready for the big family celebration planned for Christmas day. My husband had taken Kelsey and her brother on one last shopping trip and to see the holiday lights and decorations of Christmas.

That’s when I got the phone call; on Christmas Eve, when Kelsey wasn’t home.

It was Robin, our neighbor from across the street. She asked me to please come over; she had something to show me. She didn’t want to tell me why, she just asked me to come on over.

When I got there she took me to the back bedroom and there on the bed sat a My Size Barbie doll dressed in a pretty pale blue princess gown. It had long brown hair and soft brown eyes just like Kelsey. “Surly you know someone who would just love to receive this one special doll,” she said.

Tears come to my eyes as Robin explained how she wanted to give the doll to Kelsey. She only asked that the gift not come from her, it was to be a gift from Santa, just as Kelsey had wished.

Here it was Christmas Eve and at the end of the work day Robin had been given the doll by her boss at Mattel. Robin had worked on designing these dolls and her boss wanted to give her one of the dolls to take home. Somehow she had heard that Kelsey had asked Santa for a My Size Barbie doll, her one and only request. She also knew that my husband and I could not afford such an expensive gift. The way she saw it, the Great Spirit of Christmas had heard Kelsey’s wish and had another plan. Santa, the true Spirit of Christmas that he is, had worked his holiday magic through his special elves to bring Kelsey her one Christmas wish, for all toy makers everywhere are Santa’s elves.

On Christmas morning, Kelsey ran to the living room. Her face glowed and her eyes lit up, for there standing proud in front of the tree was her very own My Size Barbie doll.

Santa had come and filled Kelsey’s wish.

And he also gave a very special gift to me. I had always thought it was up to me to be Santa for my children, but that year I learned there is a far greater power than even the love of parents and I shall always believe in Santa and the very powerful Spirit of Christmas.

May your Christmas be Merry and Bright and may you Enjoy Always, T