Thoughts on creativity. #amwriting

library-425730_1280 3I really enjoy being a writer.

It has been said that no one ever dies wishing they had spent more time at the office. That sounds true, but maybe it isn’t.

Maybe a person would regret not having more time to spend at their work if their life’s work was one of purpose, like tending to the sick and mending the hurts of others. Perhaps, if a person was an artist and created great works of art, on their deathbed they would feel there was so much more they wanted to accomplish.

I’ve always viewed creative endeavors as pure enjoyment, creating contentment at its fullness. Even if there are struggles and trials along the way, the net result is a joyful reward onto itself.

Enjoy always, T

Holidays and Gratitude.

Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but I am still in the mood to be thankful.

One of the Biggest things I am thankful for – besides all the usual personal stuff like family, health and well-being – is that we, as a community of people here on this Earth, take time to honor Thanksgiving. It may be celebrated on different days and in different ways in other countries, but there’s this global ideal of giving thanks.

It warms my heart and soul to think how we actually set aside a day to gather together in gratitude and GIVE THANKS. We open our hearts and homes to share in acknowledging our blessings, and often to share with others who have less.

What am I grateful for? I am grateful for Thanksgiving.

And then, as if that’s not enough, we follow up Thanksgiving with a whole season of giving and receiving. The very act of giving and receiving is a blessing to both the giver and the receiver.  So let’s celebrate December and the holiday season, filled with lights and joy and good will toward our fellow man and woman.

Love, life and blessings to you all.   Enjoy Always,  T

Off the Grid – and back again.

Where the heck have I been? It’s been two months and not a word from me (aka,  the amazing, uplifting, metaphysical spiritual romance writer, Ms. Tricia Linden).

I’ve been off the grid – deeply distracted by a major life changing event, moving from my condo of twelve years into a wonderful little house in the valley.  To say life has been busy, chaotic and grandly challenging would be putting it mildly. Here’s a brief bullet point run down on my recent activities:

  • In May, after getting new granite counter tops in my kitchen, I put my condo on the market and one week later got an offer for over the asking price. Yes, I accepted and sold the condo.
  • In June I attended my Mother’s Family Reunion where I was able to catch up with over 80 of my dearest and closest relatives. Yes, we have a really big family. Mom has seven brothers and seven sisters. That’s 15 kids by one man, but thankfully he spread the baby birthing thing over two wives.  Still, all one big “happy” family from Ray Statman (deceased, but still remembered) including his kids (my mom), lots of grand kids, (like me and my cousins) some great-grand kids (like my children) and even some great-great-grand kids, (none from my little branch of the big ole family tree).
  • In July I went to Georgia, North Carolina and Georgia with my bestie writing buddy, Sherry Ewing. After flying into Atlanta we went on a road trip to Ashville, North Carolina to see the Biltmore Estate, (a long time bucket list item) before heading back to  Atlanta for the annual RWA Conference (Romance Writers Of America). What a great trip and a fab time connecting with other fabulous romance writers. Always an informative, fun, and alcohol fueled  great networking event.  (Note: Still on the grid.)
  • During July, after much house hunting, I also found a new home to buy. A beautiful, cute three bedroom single story house in a beautiful valley surrounded by a beautiful garden full of roses and a large open ridge line behind the home with nothing but trees and wide open spaces. My dream home for the rest of my life (or until my kids send me to a “retirement” home or fit me for a little pine box, if you know what I mean).
  • In August (August 3rd to be exact) I moved out of my condo (finally) and moved into temporary quarters in a vacant house next to my boyfriends house. The whole vacant house thing is a very detailed and long story, best saved for another post. Note: at this time I moved off the grid. No internet!!  Reduced to using my iPhone to read emails.
  • While in temporary housing, the new house got new hardwood floors installed, popcorn ceilings removed and some plumbing work done. All good stuff.
  • On September 1st Boyfriend and I spent the first night in our new home. Now we’re talking. Life is good, well it’s always been good, but it just got a bit better. Also messier, as we are surrounded by boxes to unpack and have a hard time finding clothes to wear to work each day. Remember the chaotic and challenging thing I mention above.

So now I’m back on the grid, internet up and running, although at slower speeds. We don’t get the fastest service out here in our little valley, but I’m able to stay connected. After the adventures of the last few months I have lots of lost writing time to make up for and lots of stories to tell. I’m nearly finished and ready to publish a new and exciting novel. Something totally different from my time-travel/reincarnation trilogy with the Ellers Family. This new one, Dreaming In Moonlight, takes place in central Europe in the late 1700’s and includes a wizard, his great-granddaughter and an immortal man. All good stuff.

Stay tuned and Enjoy Always, T

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Well, folks, it’s that time of the year again, when we pull out the bright and shiny Christmas decorations and let them shine. It’s time to dust off the boxes that sat in storage for the last 11 months and remind ourselves just what all did I pack away last year! Oh yeah, I’m still hanging onto Mom’s cross-stitch gingerbread house; what a treasure. Hey kids, here are your handmade ornaments from when you were little.  And look, here’s another pink flamingo  ornament. How fun. I do love pink flamingo Christmas ornaments.

I’ve already put out my pre-decorated Pink Flamingo 3 foot high Christmas tree and I plan to get a real one to decorate this weekend. It always takes longer than I expect. Of course that could have something to do with wanting to get it just right and having over 300 ornaments, (not all of them are pink flamingos).

I also have a collection of Santa’s – of course – but not much for Snowmen. However, I do have seven nativity scenes; big ones, little one and ones in-between.

Downtown San Francisco is also decked out in balls of holly and jolly. It’s not as much as in years past, economics being what they are and all, but it’s still looking good.

I haven’t really gotten a good start on my Christmas shopping. Nothing like a good old, fast-approaching deadline to get the body moving. Last weekend there was too much rain. Okay, I know that’s just a lame excuse, but for now, it’s my excuse. I plan to start this weekend. Really I do….. In fact, I think I’ll run now. I hear a store sale calling my name.

Enjoy always and holiday Cheers to you all, T

Wonderfully Supportive.

On Veterans Day, a day when we stop to remember all the good and noble people who have served the U.S. in the armed forces, I am very thankful for all of us who support each other in our daily endeavors. BTW, I served in the Navy four years active and two years reserve, and am a certifiable vet. Thanks, it was my pleasure.

Today is the Veterans Day holiday observed in the US, and since I work for a bank, I have the day off. I have been using my morning to cruise the internet for fellow bloggers, authors, writers services, cover designs and artists, blogs, etc, you name it. I gave myself this little block of playtime as I usually find there’s way too much stuff to look at in my limited time allotted, and today of course is no different. I could cruise for hours and only see a smidgen of what’s out there. (oh wait, that is exactly what I’ve been doing.) I have a number of blog buddies, but it’s hard to find the time to read all of their wonderful posts. I LEA them all. (LEA = like, enjoy, appreciate)

But, with all that said, what I really want to say is how wonderfully supportive everyone is to each other (more often then not). For the most part, we tend to love life, and life loves us back.

Now, isn’t that Grand and Glorious on a major scale?

God bless us humans, we really have it going on.

Enough said, Enjoy Always.  T

BTW, will be back soon with more ABC’s of Romance. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I have writing them. It’s been such fun.