Magical Musings Monday – Looking for Love.

man with binocularsLooking for love in all the right places? Are you looking for exactly the right person at exactly the right time? Are you looking for that one special person that will make everything perfect?  If you are – good luck with that.

I’ve always been interested in relationships, and romance and have spent much of my adult life studying personal relationships in everyday life, watching to see what works and what doesn’t. In other words, I watch people and listen to what they say and watch what they do. I’ve seen people create romance, which leads to relationships, which can lead to a lot of places.

Are you looking, OR are you creating?

You can look and look and look, and maybe you’ll find, and maybe you won’t. The fastest and best way to experience anything, whether it be romance, joy, happiness or love, yes especially love, is to create. You create it and then you have it. Quick, easy, simple.

Oh, but I hear you say, it’s not so quick, easy or simple. I can’t do that, I don’t know how. There’s a saying, If you think you can’t, you’re probably right!

So, what are you thinking? If you think it’s hard, you’re right. If you think it’s easy, because after all, love is all around us, you’re right. You get to choose. Now isn’t that good news?

Don’t get me wrong. I feel your pain, your frustration. I’ve been there and have even been known to re-visit my own private hell.  Thankfully these days I keep my visits short. It doesn’t take much suffering to remind me that’s not a place I want to dwell. Makes me want to break into song….

Since my baby left me, I found a new place to dwell, it’s down at the end of lonely street, at heart-break hotel.

How do you create romance? Are you open and receptive to receiving love? Are you really? The best way to find a friend, is to be a friend. Be the one who says HI when someone new walks in the door. Don’t worry about results, don’t even think about results, just think about being friendly. And if the other person chooses not to be friendly, no sweat, no problems. Don’t take it personally. They don’t know you well enough for it to be personal. It really is them, not you. So let it go – and keep going.

You want to create romance? Start small and be a friend.  Be friendly and watch. And stay open and receptive to creating the best you can be.

Enjoy always, T


In Honor of H, one Hard working letter.



Hooray for the letter H. It brings us Heroes, Heroines and Heartthrobs. When it comes to romance, the letter H can lead a Harrowing life. It holds the Heart of romance as well as the Heartache.

H has Handsome Hard bodies, as in solid, firm and strong, that Handily Handle any Hardship life throws at them. It’s not unusual for the Hero or Heroine to be Headstrong and have amazing Hair, usually long, thick, and flowing with waves and curves that Vadale Sasson would admire. And if this hair belongs to a woman, she may have Hairpins that have a way of slip-sliding away at all the right moments.

The letter H can be Happy to have a Holiday at Home in a Hideaway Hamlet or Hopping off to attend a Happening party at a Hip  Hollywood Highrise apartment. Whether it’s Heavenly Harlots or Hungry Hunks, the letter H is always ready to take on the Herculean task of winning the Heroines’ Heart.

I’ve even heard that Handcuffs and Harnesses have been known to make a Hasty appearance in some romance novels. Hopefully we’re not using Hardware that will Hurt or cause Hysteria in the Harem. I have yet to employee such devices, but who knows when they might come in Handy.

Yes, the H is a Hardworking letter in the world of Happily Ever After. Its often Humorous, and sometimes Harpy, but in the end always, Helpful.

Enjoy always, T

Greetings at Lord Gavin Goodman’s Glorious Gala.

Charming letter G

Golden Glowing G.

“Where do you think you’re going in that gauzy get-up?” General George Geiger gawked at his granddaughter with a guarded grin as she glided gracefully toward the garage door.

Gwendolyn ground to a halt and glanced at her garment. She was dressed as a Greek goddess in an iridescent gown of glowing golden gauze with gems galore gracing her gangly neck and arms.

“Why, to Lord Gavin Goodman’s Glorious Gala, of course,” she replied. “Don’t you remember, Grand Papa? Tonight is the Gaudy G themed masquerade ball.”

“Oh, yes. Yes, of course. How could I forget?” he grumbled.

Gwendolyn smiled graciously. It was obvious he was getting on in years and had forgotten the event. She returned to his side and gave him a hug. “Oh, Grand Papa, I do wish you could go. I’m sure the night will be grand and glorious. It’s said to be the grandest party of the year.” She sighed with glee.

“In my younger years I would have gladly escorted you to this glorious gala. I was a right fine gentleman in my prime, but those days are gone, now.” A glint of sadness graced his gaunt features.

“Will you be all right on your own?” Gwendolyn asked with great concern.

“Good as gold,” her grandfather answered with overdone gusto. “Go, go, have a good time.” He waved her off with a gallant gesture.

Gwendolyn gave her grandfather one final kiss on his cheek before she gingerly gathered her gauzy skirts and glided toward the door.

The gala masquerade was being held on a grand old Spanish galleon that had seen its better days out at sea, but now rested gracefully at Lord Gavin’s dock down at pier 39. Gwendolyn was giddy with anticipation as she climbed the gangway leading up to the galleon. The grand old ship was glamorously festooned with garlands of lights twinkling gaily  and the music of GreenDay filled the air.

Making her way through the gregarious crowd, she wondered if she would be so gifted as to garner a gaze from Lord Goodman. Gawking at the Gaudily costumed guests, she saw  gay gypsies, green genies, gruff gorillas, German generals, gory goblins and grotesque gargoyles garbed in gray, just to name a few.

And then she saw him, Lord Gavin Goodman, grandly garbed as a Gentleman Gaucho. A genuine smile graced his genteel face. Gwendolyn gasped. He was gorgeous, if such could be said about a gentleman Gaucho.

Lord Gavin stepped forward, looked into her glazed-over green eyes, graced her hand with a kiss, and said, “Greetings, my dear Greek goddess. I believe it’s my sincere pleasure to meet you. May I have this dance.”

Gwendolyn gushed with gratitude. What a glorious gala this would be. . .

Enjoy always, T

Romance by the letter A.

Alluring Amorous A

Remember Sesame Street.  Well…. Today’s romance post is brought to by the letter A.

With romance on my mind, let’s look at a few random romantic words that start with the letter A.

The letter A seems like an obvious choice. After all, it includes such romantic giants as Amorous, Adore and Arouse. What a nice trio.

Amorous, which my little Webster pocket dictionary defines as (1) fond of making love, or (2) full of love. Both sound good to me. And I have to say I’d rather be full of love than full of a lot of other things I can think of, including baked beans. As much as I like bake beans, being full of them is definitely not a good romantic idea.

And of course, any good romantic Adores being Aroused.

Okay, moving right along, there’s always Affair, as in a romantic Affair. Let’s just hope it doesn’t include breaking any marriage vows.

And then there’s Agony. As wonderful as romance is – it does seem to have the ability to cause great Agony as people Agonize over their beloved. Agony, Angst, Agonize. All part of strong, tragic romance.
How about Ambrosia, the food of the gods. If I was out on a hot date, I would think Ambrosia would be a good thing to order, if I could only find a restaurant that has it on the menu. If anyone out there has a good simple recipe for Ambrosia, please tell the Cheesecake Factory, because they make just about everything and I love eating there. Nice and yummy.

Not to be left out of any self-respecting A list is Anatomy – which is the study of the human body, the huMAN body. Yes, one of my favorite classes at romance school.

Also, Anniversaries are usually considered romantic, except when someone forgets. But if you can keep your calendar reminders updated and current – you’re golden. Keep the Anniversaries dates and be sure to serve Ambrosia. Sounds like a good time to me.

And now I will leave you with one more A word – – – Appendage. Let your imagination do the rest.

Love you all. Enjoy always, T

Romance with the letter P.

Today’s romance blog is brought to you by the letter P.

The following are some P words that may (or may not) invoke Romance. You decide.

Pajamas: a loose fitting garment worn for sleeping or lounging. Lounging is good, lounging can be romantic. Hey big guy, come on over here and lounge with me for a while.

Pleasure and Pain: Sometimes it’s hard to tell one from the other. One man’s pleasure is another man’s pain – or vice versa. Just saying.

Paradise: a place of ideal beauty or loveliness – one would think this would be way romantic. Not so much for Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, it lost its seduction and well you know what happened then… see pleasure and pain above.

Paradox: a seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true. Kind of like; “I’d love you if you didn’t make me so mad.” OR “Love me or leave me, but make up your mind.” OR of course the all-time favorite: “It’s not you, it’s me.”  No one ever says things like that, now do they??

Parallel: As in, the universe we often live in when we’re in LOVE, the big Love, if you know what I mean.

Paranormal: One of my favorite, since I write about it. Love and romance is definitely a paranormal experience. And let’s not leave out…

Paramour: A lover or one in an adulterous relationship. I’m just quoting the dictionary here. If it was up to me, I’d leave out the adulterous part. Oh wait, it is up to me. I’m leaving that part out.

Passion: Another one of my favorites. Maybe I should have started with this one. What’s a lover and romance without at least a little Passion? Yeah baby.

Play: as in play-date, playful, playmate, playground, my bed is a playground, his body is a wonderland. Gets one thinking?

So tell me, what are some of your favor romantic P words? Inquiring minds want to know.

Someday we’ll talk about the letters S or C. That should be interesting.

Keep a smile in your heart and –

Enjoy always, T