In Honor of H, one Hard working letter.

Hooray for the letter H. It brings us Heroes, Heroines and Heartthrobs. When it comes to romance, the letter H can lead a Harrowing life. It holds the Heart of romance as well as the Heartache. H has Handsome Hard bodies, as in solid, firm and strong, that Handily Handle any Hardship life throws at […]

Romance by the letter A.

Remember Sesame Street.  Well…. Today’s romance post is brought to by the letter A. With romance on my mind, let’s look at a few random romantic words that start with the letter A. The letter A seems like an obvious choice. After all, it includes such romantic giants as Amorous, Adore and Arouse. What a […]

Romance with the letter P.

Today’s romance blog is brought to you by the letter P. The following are some P words that may (or may not) invoke Romance. You decide. Pajamas: a loose fitting garment worn for sleeping or lounging. Lounging is good, lounging can be romantic. Hey big guy, come on over here and lounge with me for […]