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Big Six O

Today I hit the Big Six O, as in 60, as in half-a-century-plus-a-decade, as in 50 + 10. Regardless, it all adds up to lots of years. I suppose I shouldn’t reveal my age, but it’s kinda hard to pretend … Continue reading

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Three little words.

Originally posted on Tricia Linden – Mystical Romance:
So often, it just takes three little words to change our day and even our lives. Life is good. Look for the good and you’ll find the good, look for the bad…

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When Daily Word connects to daily life.

Today, as I was returning from a weekend zydeco music festival in San Diego called Gator By The Bay, I was thinking about how it’s been a little over ten years since I started writing romance stories. When I began, … Continue reading

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How to Have a Perfect Vacation

Tip # 1:  Don’t expect to have a perfect vacation. Travel, by its very nature is imperfect. It’s an adventure, but its not perfect. Neither is life, for that matter. There’s weather to contend with, traffic, transportation issues, other travelers … Continue reading

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Thoughts on creativity. #amwriting

I really enjoy being a writer. It has been said that no one ever dies wishing they had spent more time at the office. That sounds true, but maybe it isn’t. Maybe a person would regret not having more time … Continue reading

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