An Offer They Can’t Refuse.

Who is Jules Vanderzeit, and why does he appear in all four of my Gided Age romance novels?

Timeless romance from the Gilded Age

He isn’t the hero of any of the stories. He’s more like a villain, the antagonist, and yet, he’s the common factor in the series.

Who would base a series on a villain? Not me! Not really.

As I see it, Jules isn’t a villain so much as he represents an opportunity.

While it may seem as if Jules, the Maestro, shows up at the worse possible moment in my character’s lives, he’s really there to offer them an opportunity to set things right. While it may seem as if he’s the source of all their woes, he’s really an opportunity to make life altering choices.

He’s like the classic case of getting fired from a job you really, really hate but think you really, really need. And then, when you’re at your lowest, this eventually becomes the best thing that ever happened to you. If forces you to jump-start your life for act two.

Being forced out of our comfort zone, even an unpleasant comfort zone, forces us to make choices we would otherwise avoid. And while it often seems more difficult and challenging than we would like, it also provides the opportunity for greater rewards.

Interested in seeking out a new opportunity for yourself? Read one of the Jules Vanderzeit books to see for yourself if he can make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Update to Glitches Happen.

I’m happy to report it only took ten days and some helpful instructions from the good folks at Amazon to get my stellar screw-up fixed. Thank you, publishing gods!!  If you look back to my blog  post on March 20, you’ll see the original error.

Now see how it should look:

Screenshot-2018-3-30 Until She Says Yes a Jules Vanderzeit novel - Kindle edition by Tricia Linden

Much better.

Good things come to those who wait, and play nice with Amazon. If you haven’t already gotten your copy while the glitch was still in place, no problem. Click this link: Until She Says Yes to get your copy today. This is the same great book it was when it was known as the book with two names. Enjoy it now, enjoy it always.

Happy reading.

Glitches Happen

What’s wrong with this picture?

Screenshot-2018-3-20 Until She Loves Me a Jules Vanderzeit novel - Kindle edition by Tricia Linden Romance Kindle eBooks Am[...]

If you noticed that the title on the book cover doesn’t match the title listed on Amazon, you’re right. Yeah you. Not me!

Maybe you’re asking, how did this happen? – – – Short answer: Because sometimes I’m a freaking idiot, and sometimes I’m not. This is one of those times when I dropped the ball. Bases loaded, strike one.

When I was entering my book to be published on Amazon, I hadn’t noticed that I had typed in the wrong title. Duh! That’s a pretty Big opps. Somehow I had combined parts of my previous book – Until You Love Me – with my current release – Until She Says Yes. I got it half right but only half right is still all wrong.

The title for this book is and always has been Until She Says Yes.

The US government has issued stamps with errors and many of those stamps have become quite valuable because of those errors. They represent a moment in history that was NOT intended. Everyone involved in the process of making those stamps intended to make a perfectly flawless final product. But somewhere along the way an error was overlooked.

I too intended to make a perfectly flawless final product, but like those well-intended stamp makers, somewhere along the way I screwed up. Something got overlooked.

When I discovered my error, my glitch, I spent days being bummed about it, certain it would take me months to recover from this screw-up.  All I could do was suck  it up and move on.  But then I started reading Tyler Perry’s book, Higher Is Waiting,  and I realized my error wasn’t so bad, certainly not life changing. I just needed a way to move past this moment in time and keep believing in myself. Believe in ME. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it, who better than ME.

My book, Until She Says Yes, is a good book. The story is still a good story. It’s entertaining and uplifting. So now that you know that I screwed up, please don’t let that stop you from buying the book, reading the book, and enjoying the story.  Maybe you can be the one to tell your friends, I bought the book with the wrong title . . . and I liked it.

Enjoy always, T

PS – I’m working with Amazon to get this fixed. I’ll keep you updated.

Stories Behind the Stories

Authors are often asked where they get the inspiration for their stories. The quick and easy answer is everywhere.

But when you dig deeper, sometime it’s interesting to reveal the
Stories Behind the Stories.

Stradivarius violin

In Until We Meet Again, the first book of my Jules Vanderzeit series, the heroine goes back in time to retrieve a Stradivarius violin that has been left and lost on a train. So where did that come from? Somewhere in my internet trolling (aka research) I came across an old news story of a Stradivarius violin that had been left on a train, believe it or not, by what could only be described as an absentminded musician. I mean, really, who would forget they were traveling with a rare and expensive Stradivarius violin? But I liked the idea of how I could use it in a story.

I was writing a story of a woman being sent back in time and the idea of her going to find the lost violin worked for me. I simply moved the incident back to 1888 and made the owner a general after reading about this on Wikipedia.

As I researched this time period, I also found info on the Great Blizzard of 1888. I used that event as the cause of death for my hero’s wife, leaving the door open for his new romance.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please pick up a copy of my book, Until We Meet Again from one of the many online book sellers and read all about it.

– – – Until we meet again, Enjoy Always, T

Why the Gilded Age?

Sometimes I’m asked by I write about the Gilded Age of New York? Easy and short answer is because it interests me. My Jules Vanderzeit novels, including Until You Love Me, are all set in the Gilded Age.UntilYouLoveMe hr-300dpi-3125x4167

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of romance novels set in the Regency and Victorian periods of England. I’ve read several. But after awhile, I wanted something different than an endless line of Dukes, Earls, Barons and other titles of the nobility. Then it occurred to me, why not America? The Gilded Age, the time period roughly from 1870s to early 1900s, is filled with stories of wealthy families living soap opera lives with scandalous escapades. Perfect fodder for romance novels.

It was the rise of the Robber Baron, Capitalist, and Industrialist. An enterprising young man could go from rags to riches within his lifetime, and pass that wealth on to his children, creating family dynasties. The Gilded Age gave us J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, the Astors, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and so many more.

But behind theses wealthy men were their wives and daughters, setting the stage for high-society with all their self-imposed rules of etiquette, and hierarchy. Caroline Astor, wife of William Backhouse Astor, Jr. proclaimed herself as the highest social arbiter of her time. She made it her priority to codify proper behavior, as well as determine who exactly was acceptable among New York’s elite, going so far as to list the 400 families who could be counted as members of Fashionable Society.

Much like the Regency and Victorian periods of England, the Gilded Age had its upstairs and downstairs, the in crowd and the outs (aka, all the others), new money vs old, or basically rich vs poor. It had fancy dresses, well dressed men and lots of money spent on balls, and parties and yachts and mansions. It was a time of amazing social change, as well as political and social-economic.

What’s not to love, and oh what fun to write about.