Until Their Hearts Desire


Until Their Hearts Desire
A Jules Vanderzeit Gilded Age novel.

Tessadori Delafield loves living in California with her aunt and uncle, so when her mother summons her back to New York, she goes with great reluctance. She fears her parents have called her home to arrange her marriage to a man of their choosing. The last thing Tessa wants is to sit idly, waiting and hoping for the right man to make time for her.

Jacob Beaumont is the type of man who could easily capture her heart, if only he was around long enough to honestly try. When she discovers the elusive Mr. Beaumont is keeping secrets, Tessa realizes that’s more than she can accept.

Jacob believes he has found the one woman he can’t live without, but as long as he is contractually bound to Jules Vanderzeit, a man who can orchestrate time, he has very few choices. The Maestro seems intent on keeping Jacob away from Tessa. Jacob’s mother’s life is at stake, and since Jules is holding all the cards, Jacob has no choice but to play by the Maestro’s rules.

Destiny lies in following your heart’s desire.

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