They Lived Happily Ever After

“They lived happily ever after.” Words mad famous by age old fairy tales and thousands of romance novels. When you pick up a romance novel – like the ones I have written – there’s an intrinsic promise that the story will have a happy ending. Usually something akin to ‘and they lived happily ever after, […]

The Gilded Age

The long awaited HBO series, The Gilded Age from Julian Fellowes has finally begun, and I am thrilled. I can remember, years ago, hearing that Mr. Fellowes planned to create this series after he was finished with the wonderfully successful run of Downton Abby and have been in anticipation ever since. Having written five books […]

A Hearts Desire

Her first reaction was stunned silence, but perched on the limb, right beside that quiet little sparrow of restraint and dutiful obedience, sat a dark raven of anger and defiant frustration, that after four years of heartache and disappointment, she was being asked to leave her newly built home in California and return to New […]