They Lived Happily Ever After

“They lived happily ever after.” Words mad famous by age old fairy tales and thousands of romance novels.

When you pick up a romance novel – like the ones I have written – there’s an intrinsic promise that the story will have a happy ending. Usually something akin to ‘and they lived happily ever after, or at least are happily in love for now.

For a novel to be considered in the romance genera it pretty much has to have it’s HEA. As the author, I make an agreement with the reader that regardless of the twists and turns, or all the muck I might throw at the hero and heroine, they are going to end up together, happily, in the end.

Is it easy? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but hopefully, as the writer, I’ve made the story worth reading. I started writing romance so I could write the type of books I wanted to read.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself about that, because it is all too easy to start writing books you THINK other people want to read. Then I would begin to second guess myself, doubt the quality of my work, and look for outside reassurance that I’m okay.

It’s a bit like life. If we live the life we really want to live, we have a better chance of finding our HEA. It’s the old – ‘love myself before I can love you’ thing. Much like life, any good story is one that grabs you and asks you to hang on for the ride, all the way to the end. Stay with me and we’ll have a real good time.

So what does it take to create a happy ending? Image – believe – create. Tell your story with honesty and careful crafting, and then see where it takes you. Expect the unexpected. Enjoy always and may you find your own Happily Ever After.