The Gilded Age

The long awaited HBO series, The Gilded Age from Julian Fellowes has finally begun, and I am thrilled. I can remember, years ago, hearing that Mr. Fellowes planned to create this series after he was finished with the wonderfully successful run of Downton Abby and have been in anticipation ever since. Having written five books set in the gilded age, you can understand, it’s a time period that is of great interest to me. The clothes, the homes, the style, all so gorgeous and fun to see.

America was moving from struggling to survive to making a place for itself in the world of politics and commerce. It was also a time for New York to really establish itself as the social capital of this new world.

Old money vs New. Who will win? Of course we know, but still, won’t it be fun to watch.

Many are saying that this time in the 21st century is given rise to a second gilded age, only this time, instead of railroads and the industrial age, our billionaires are investing in space travel and the technological age.