A Time To Begin

The MacNicol Clan Through Time, Book 1
A Time To Begin, The MacNicol Clan Through Time, Book 1

Sophie liked nothing better than a good story, especially ones with happy endings . . .

Every great love has a great beginning.

Sparks fly when a naïve but passionate fae princess heals a battle weary highland warrior.

Sophie is tired of hearing other people’s stories. It’s time for her to create one of her own. Leaving the realm of the fae, she ventures to earth where she stumbles upon a weary and wounded highland warrior. In exchange for healing his shattered body, she insists on accompanying him as they journey across the Isle of Skye.

As the lone survivor of a harsh battle, Herrick is grateful to still be alive, if only barely. His only desire is to return home to the MacNicol clan. The last thing he needs is a naïve, self-absorbed faerie princess tagging along, but when the fae princess agrees to heals his wounds, he agrees to a deal that may seal his fate.

She’s a princess of the fae. He’s destined to become chief of his clan. How on earth can they ever be together?

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