A Simple Life in the Time of COVIC

Here we are at the end of June, half way through 2020, and what a year this has been. I think we can all agree that this year is unlike any other.

No more same-old-same-old.

There’s a global pandemic, we lack moral and community-centered leadership in the WH, and long-time-coming protests over racial injustice have erupted against harsh and unnecessary police brutality against POC .

Yes, 2020 is like no other.

I started the year working on my eleventh book – Until Together Forever – telling the story of Jules Vanderzeit and Trudy Westbury, characters from my last book, Until A Change of Heart. I was off to a good start in January and February and then I went on a cruise through the Panama Canal at the tail end of February. By the time the ship got back to San Diego on March 11, we were all lucky to have dodged the COVID bullet and were allowed to get off the ship and go home just before California closed down for Shelter-In-Place. Along with that, on my way home from that cruising vacation, I was informed that my services as a San Francisco tour guide were no longer needed for the foreseeable future. Folks were being instructed to say home.

With all that time on my hands, you might think I’d be getting lots of writing done and the eleventh book should be humming along. NOPE.

I suspect my writing creativity is doing SIP in another state somewhere far, far away. Maybe in an alternate universe. Or maybe writing romance, no matter how metaphysical or spiritual, seemed rather trivial considering the nearly daily barrage of grim news.

So instead, I’ve returned to a previous passion of mine, Victorian crazy quilting. It eases my mind and keeps me busy, filling many pleasant hours with creative bliss.

Victorian Lady

I expect I will still finish Until Together Forever, and when I do, I’ll post it here on my web site. But for now, while the world moves from one crisis to another, I’ve moved from pen and paper to needle and thread.

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