Meet Sarah Miltmore

I’m pleased to introduce Sarah Miltmore, the heroine from my latest book, Until A Change of Heart.

New York’s gilded age society sets a fairly high bar for any woman hoping to join their ranks. Beauty, pose, manners, and above all, money are just a few of the many requirements needed to pass through the old Knickerbocker’s gates.

Knowing how important social acceptance is for her family, Sarah Miltmore does her best to live up to their standards in an effort to please her overly demanding mother. Evangeline Miltmore has already married off three of her four daughters to wealthy, well-connected men, causing them to be know as the Marrying Miltmores. Now she expects Sarah to follow their footsteps.

When Evangeline hears about Sarah meeting Jayson Goddard, the second son of one of the richest men in New York, she’s convinced he’s the perfect match for her youngest daughter.

There’s only one problem. Sarah has a secret that would send New York’s high-brow society running from her door if it were ever revealed. Coming of age at a time when society places such strict restrictions on its young women is hard enough, but add psychic powers to the mix and the burden becomes nearly unbearable.

Sarah does her best to hide her psychic talent, especially from Jayson, a man who openly professes his belief that everything psychic is nothing more than hocus-pocus, and those who claim to have such powers are pure charlatans. Thankfully, eccentric Aunt Trudy is there to help Sarah navigate the turbulent waters of society while also showing her that psychic powers have a place in her life.

Until A Change of Heart, available at major online booksellers including:

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Sharing secrets requires trust.