Meet Jayson Goddard

I’m pleased to introduce Jayson Goddard, the hero from my latest book, Until A Change of Heart.

Living during the gilded age of New York in 1897, he’s the second son of one of the richest men in Manhattan, and likes to surround himself with the best of the best. The best clothes, the best liquor, and often, the best looking woman in the room. Publicly, he’s better known for his tendency to drink and party, privately, he’s surprisingly interested in spirituality, the mysteries of life and the hereafter.

Which is why, on his first visit to observe a downtown psychic salon, he finds himself drawn to Sarah Miltmore. Not only is she the prettiest girl in the room, she’s the most interesting.

No one knows everything about anybody, and Jayson makes doubly sure his secrets remain hidden. The one thing Jayson craves most is the loving respect of his father, but because of his mother’s needless pampering, that favor goes to Jayson’s elder brother, Kingsley.

When Jayson realizes he’ll never have the same respect from his father as Kingsley, he act’s as if he doesn’t care, living the life of a rich nar-do-well, but deep down inside, it’s the one thing he wants most.

Which is why his interest in Sarah is so problematic. She’s the youngest of the Marrying Miltmores, a second-tier family with several daughters known for marrying into moneyed families to advance their social position. Sons of wealthy New Yorkers were often warned by their gossipy mothers; ‘Meet a Miltmore girl and you’ll soon be married, whether you like her or not.’

While he’s wildly interested in Sarah, he’s also worried that his father won’t approve, so he pretends he doesn’t care. But secrets have a way of revealing themselves, something Jayson soon discovers he has very little ability to control.

Until A Change of Heart

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Sharing secrets requires trust.