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A change of heart ev
Until A Change of Heart

Two weeks later, and I’m still riding a wave of excitement for the release of my latest book, Until A Change of Heart.

Of course, every book release is exciting, but this one seems even more so. Until A Change of Heart is one of my favorites.

Every one of my books has been my favorite while I’m getting it ready to send out into the world – I would never give You a book I didn’t want to read myself –  but this one is even more special.

The story of Jayson and Sarah turned out to be one of my hardest to write, but in the end, I really love their story of star-crossed lovers. Each is challenged to accept a version of themselves they hadn’t known could exist without some great sacrifice.

Sarah must give up her fear of society’s judgement of her and her psychic abilities.  Jayson must give up his preconceived ideas about psychics and the metaphysical world of the unseen.

All of my books are like a past lover who has lived with me for several months before going on to love You, and bring You joy. The nice thing about this is that each of these past lovers has also remained my friend, always there to uplift me when ever I see them.

Now it’s time to pass this latest lover on to YOU. I trust you to love this story as I have. May it bring you hours of reading entertainment.   Enjoy always, T.



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