Tenth Book, First Draft

Late last night, early this morning, I finally finished the first draft of my tenth book. This book, Until A Change of Heart, is the fifth (5th) in my Jules Vanderzeit Gilded Age series.

I started writing this book more than a year and a half ago on January, 9, 2018. Before this, I was able to get a book written and published every year. So why did this one take so long? Because somewhere along the way, my writing Muse fell off a cliff and I’ve been dragging her uphill ever since.

Finally, after many starts and mostly stops, I’ve finished the first draft. That means my thousands of fans, (or many dozens, which ever is closer to the truth) can finally look forward to a future release of another Jules Vanderzeit book. What a thrill that must be for all 60,000 (or is it 60) of them. 🙂

Please understand, when my muse fell off that cliff, I let her fall, for a good long time – – – – – – – – plop. I wasn’t overly concerned about pulling her up and out of her pit. Fine! Stay there if it makes you happy. Turns out, it didn’t.

Over and over, Jayson’s story nagged at me, begging to be finished.

Whenever I admitted I had left my muse dangling by her own rope, several (or at least a few) of my closest friends and fans encouraged me to simply finish the book.

Which I have, finally. Well, at least the first draft.

It still needs revisions, editing, formatting, cover art, production, and maybe even a little marketing, (which starts right now) but the story is there.

Ne’er-do-well Jayson Goddard, brother to Kingsley Goddard of Until She Says Yes, has been redeemed, and it wasn’t easy. He went kicking and screaming (or fussing and fighting) the whole way, until finally, bless his heart, he had a change of heart.

Until A Change of Heart – coming soon, or at least sometime in the future.

Thanks, and Enjoy Always, T

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