Quotes from Jules Vanderzeit, The Maestro.

The Maestro invites you into his magical, mystical world.

Anyone who knows my Gilded Age romance series knows I’m kind of in love with my Magic Man, Jules Vanderzeit. I call him the Maestro. The following is a selection of quotes from Jules Vanderzeit in the book, Until Their Hearts Desire. Enjoy always, T.

“Why, a better version of me, of course. If all of my past lives have led me to this life, I can only expect my next life will be even better.”  — Regarding reincarnation, when asked whom, or what, he expected to be if he returned in another life.

“Change is not easy unless it’s desired.”

“I expect the heart knows what the heart wants, and trying to force it into a package in which it does not fit will inevitably lead to disaster.”

“There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time. It’s best not to put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.”

“. . . all good times—or, should I say, good lives—must come to an end. Even Jesus died once, horrible and painful affair that it was. God bless his divine soul. But all that aside, I really am concerned we make these days as pleasant as possible. I have some stake in the game, too, you know. I’ve become quite fond of watching you interact with your family. I can honestly say, I’m sorry to see it end. But, as I always say, there will always be another time, except of course for Brother Jesus. That really was his last, so much drama. Although, I suppose it served its purpose. If nothing else, it finally made humanity sit up and take notice.”