Winter’s coming – stock up on fireside reads.


Fall is in the air, and soon it will be time to curl up with a hot cup of tea, a cozy blanket, and a good book to read. It’s a prefect time for my month long sale on my MacNicol Clan Through Time series.

All four ebooks of this series is on sale for only 0.99 cents at Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.  What a great time to snuggle up with handsome, hunky, Scottish warriors willing to fight for the women they love.

Book 1, A Time To Begin, introduces the series with a look at the legend of Herrick and Sophie, an early MacNicol clan chief and the fae princess who healed his heart. Every great love has a great beginning. She’s a princess of the fae. He’s destined to become chief of his clan. How on earth can they ever be together?

Book 2, A Time To Return, jumps forward a couple of generations to bring Teressa, a woman from present-day California, to the medieval world of Rory MacNicol in Scotland on the Isle of Skye.  Magic took her back in time to unite a lair with his lady.
Is magic strong enough to unite Teressa with her own true love?

Next, in Book 3, A Time To Belong, my dear readers get to meet Teressa’s brother, Daniel as another time-traveler makes their mark on the historic clan. A modern urban cowboy is swept back to 13th century Scotland where he must take control of his destiny and fight for the woman he loves.

And finally, in Book 4, A Time To Forgive, we see Daniel’s 14th century daughter, living in modern times. Bree has a centuries old grudge against the MacDonalds, while Alex MacDonald is about to discover how past lives have a way of coming back around. It’ll take a special kind of magic, and a whole lot of forgiveness, to bring these ill-fated lovers together again.

As the nights grow longer and bit colder, give yourself the gift of a warm heart with these ebook editions of The MacNicol Clan Through Time. Because who doesn’t enjoy a good love story?

Enjoy always, T