Magical Musings – We are the Wind.

We are not the ocean. We are the wind.

It is often said, as individual souls, we are like drops of water in the vast ocean of the collective consciousness. However, a drop of water can be plucked away from that ocean, lifted out, and separated. While a drop of water can easily be removed from the ocean, eventually it will float to the sky, evaporate, join a cloud, and return to the earth as rain that will once again seek to return to the ocean from whence it came. A fitting image of an individual soul, but as the collective consciousness of humanity, we are not separate. We are like the wind. Ever connected, ever changing, swirling, moving, full of energy, but always connected as a unit of One Humanity.

The wind is a living thing. It can be hot or cold, full of grit and sand, smoke and ash, or fragrant, refreshing scents. It changes from day to day, moment by moment, but always it is the wind.

Much like the collective consciousness of humanity, you cannot see the wind, but you can feel its effects as it moves across the earth. An angry, destructive force, or a calming breath of fresh air. Every breath we take, in and out, is part of the air carried in the wind. We may hold our breath for a moment, but it cannot be separated out from the air that gives us life. It must return to the collective consciousness to which it belongs.

Much like the trees that take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, we can transform the energy of our planet with every breath we take. We can breathe in anger and breath out peace. We can breathe in hate and breathe out love. Our breath, and even our lives, are transformed by our laughter, the heavy breathing of intimate love, or the labored breathing of giving birth to new life. Our breath transforms our very lives.

Regardless of what swirls through the air, I breathe out love. I breathe out peace. I breathe out kindness and consideration and acceptance for all.

We are the Wind. Be still and know, you are the Wind.

I’m Tricia Linden. I write novels that celebrate the magical and mystical power of love, romance and relationships. My desire is to entertain, uplift, and engage your heart and soul.