Until You Love Me

He’s Back! The gilded days are here again.

My dear friend, and favorite magic man, Jules Vanderzeit, is back to cause more chaos and confusion for my hero and heroine in my new gilded age novel, Until You Love Me.

All summer I’ve been hanging out with the MacNicol Clan, chatting it up with brawn Scottish warriors, lovely fae princesses, and hapless time travelers. Now it’s time to return to the land of Manhattan and the gilded age with the new release of Until You Love Me, the latest in my Jules Vanderzeit series.

While Jules is not really the center of attention in my gilded age stories, he tends to play a part in putting my hero and heroine through the wringer of life as they go blindly about their way in search of happily ever after. Since Jules is obviously not the hero, who exactly is he? And what, precisely is his purpose in all these stories? While I have my thoughts and theories on the subject, I prefer to leave it to the reader to decide who or what Jules represents for you.

In Until You Love Me, the Maestro has a rather interesting way of connecting two very different women from very different times. But wait . . .  are they really two different women. I invite you to read the book and decide for yourself.

UntilYouLoveMe-ebook72dpi-1500x2000 (2)More than a century separate Becky Sue Dobson and Rebecca Wheland Jaffray, and yet one of them is about to discover how deeply their lives are connected.

Filled with remorse over the loss of her daughter, Becky Sue Dobson is ready to end her life, but when her car plunges over a steep hillside, instead of death, she encounters a mysterious man who calls himself the Maestro. Suddenly, everything she had thought to be true is turned inside out.

After only four months of marriage, Rebecca Wheland Jaffray would rather face the scandal of divorce than continue to live with a man she doesn’t love. The only reason James agreed to marry her was to secure a loan from her father. Feeling angry and rejected, she runs off to hide at her family’s summer home even though it’s closed for the winter season. Sadly, it seems nothing she does turns out right.

Facing financial ruin after the market crash in May, 1893, James Jaffray turns to one of the most ruthless men in all of New York and agrees to marry his daughter, Rebecca Wheland. Though their marriage was never based on love, when she suddenly disappears, James realizes his wife wants nothing to do with him.

Seven days later, when Rebecca returns home, James knows something has changed, but he’s not sure what or why, because prior to her disappearance, James hadn’t believed he could ever love his wife.

Are you in search of your happily ever after? Have you ever considered, it’s happening right now? Take care, my friend, and enjoy always, T.

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