The MacNicol Clan Through Time.

The Series Continues:
All summer I’ve been working to bring you my Scottish historical, time travel series, The MacNicol Clan Through Time, and we’re more than half way there. Last week I released the third book of the series, A Time To Belong. Are you excited? I know I am. To get you better acquainted with the MacNicol clan, let’s take a peek at how the series unfolds.

It all begins appropriately enough with Book One, A Time To Begin, which involves Sophie, a naive but passionate fae princess looking for a good time, and her encounter with Herrick MacNicol, the battle weary highland warrior she meets on her first visit to the earthly realm. (On sale now for only 0.99 cents at major online booksellers. Check it out!)

Book Two of the series, A Time to Return, takes Teressa Ellers, a 21 century relationship coach, back in time to 13 century Isle of Skye for a critical matchmaking job and an unexpected adventure when she meets Rory MacNicol, a handsome rouge warrior intent on doing some matchmaking of his own. 

Next up is the recently released Book Three, A Time To Belong, where you’re introduced to Teressa’s brother Daniel, a modern urban cowboy, as he makes the best of an unexpected detour to the same MacNicol clan that so enchanted his sister and meets Rory’s younger sister, Kayla. While he’s still trying to figure out what the hell is going on, he’s forced to chose his destiny and fight for the woman he loves. 

And coming soon is the fourth and final book of the series, A Time To Forgive, where Daniel’s 13th century daughter, Breanna, is swept forward in time and must deal with the fast paced technologies of modern times when she follows her father to the 21st century to escape the ravages of the dreaded MacDonald clan. As luck, or fate, would have it, Alex MacDonald shows up at her door asking for help with his horses, but how can any self-respecting MacNicol ever trust a member of the hated MacDonald clan? The answer may surprise them both.

I loved writing these books, and hope you’ll enjoy reading them. My greatest desire is to entertain, engage, and uplift my readers, heart and soul. If I can bring a smile to your lips and a tear to your eyes, I’ve done my job. May your life be full of blessings and may you Enjoy Always.


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  1. Dear Tricia, indeed I have. Your first novel is in Tehran(Iran)as I had promised to take it there in 2014l. My loving library (in my home)there has made it sure it loans it to so many other romantic folks like us. If you ever want to donate a copy for me to donate to library near my house in Tehran , please let me know.


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