Why I write spiritual romance.

the-heart-of-the-pages-1312057When I started writing romance stories, it wasn’t with the idea that I would become rich and famous. It was to write the kinds of books I wanted to read, aka, books without violence.

I had read too many stories where the hero and heroine’s romantic conflict was centered on someone being killed, or their life was at stake, or someone was threatened their life, or the life of a loved one, or some terrible crime was about to happen, like blackmail, rape, or thief, and well, I’m sure you get the idea. It seemed to me it should be possible to tell a good love story that didn’t need any of that to make it interesting. It seems to me that we have enough other crap and conflict to deal with in real life, I didn’t want to use a violent crime to give the hero and heroine a desire to be together.

Maybe I was wrong, but it worked for me, so that’s what I set out to do, write romance without violence.

I also like the idea of weaving in spiritual elements into my stories. In my book – A Time To Return – I explore the idea of lives after lives and reincarnation. It’s based on the idea that we’ve all been here before and I expect we’ll be here again.

I was once asked, since I believe in reincarnation, what do I expect to be in my next life. My immediate answer was a better version of ME. I believe all my past lives have led me to this one, and I can only hope my next life will be even better. Onward and upward, that’s what I always say. It’s what I prefer to believe.

Enjoy always, T