A Time To Return

The MacNicol Clan Through Time, Book 2
A Time To Return, The MacNicol Clan Through Time, Book 2

I’m very happy to announce, A Time To Return, Book 2 of the MacNicol Clan Through Time is now available at major online booksellers. As reported here in an earlier post, I’m re-releasing*, repackaging my earlier Scottish historical, time travel books with pretty new covers and improved editing. Who doesn’t love a second chance at romance, and for these sweet babies, this is their second chance to be read and loved by you.

Last month, to a kick-off to this series, I released the new, original book, A Time To Begin, chronicling the legend of the ancient Scottish warrior, Herrick and the feisty fae princess, Sophie.

In A Time To Return, we’re introduced to more of the MacNicol clan when Teressa Ellers, a 21 century relationship coach is swept back in time to act as a matchmaker for the stubborn clan chief of the MacNicols and the overly shy daughter of the MacDonald chief.

Magic took her back in time to unite a lair with his lady.

Is magic strong enough to unite Teressa with her own true love?

What should be a relaxing vacation turns into a time-travel adventure when Teressa Ellers, a pragmatic and gifted Relationship Coach, is swept back to 13th century Scotland by a powerful fairy. She’s been summoned to act as a matchmaker to secure an alliance between two feuding clans.  Taking the job and seeing it through to a successful ending is the only way for Teressa to return home – which shouldn’t be a problem for the relationship expert. However, unexpected complications develop when Rory MacNicol, the chief’s youngest brother, takes a very personal interest in Teressa and sets out to uncover if she’s a mystery to unravel or a woman to be loved.

Teressa Ellers, an independent 21st century woman.
She’s fiercely pragmatic, thoroughly-modern, and determined to return home.

Rory MacNicol, a handsome rogue warrior.
He’s unrelentingly charming, naturally old-fashioned, and completely unaware of her origins.

Even a relationship coach is not immune to conflicts of the heart.

“Love, ‘tis the strongest magic of them all.” – Rory MacNicol

*Please note: this book was originally released as Return In Time.

Available at major online booksellers:  AmazonBarnes and Nobel, Kobo, and Apple