What is a writer when she isn’t writing?

writing What is a writer when she isn’t writing? She’s an editor/reviser, a promoter, a marketer, a formatter, and to sum it all up, a publisher. I have been doing some writing on my latest WIP, but for the last two months I’ve been spending most of my time doing the other things that go into getting books ready to publish for my readers.

I’ve been told, in the good old days of traditional publishing, an author could hand over her manuscript to her New York editor at one of the big five publishing houses and get on with writing her next great novel. But not any more.

These days, even traditionally published authors have to do a lot of marketing and promoting. It’s the name of the game. As a indie-published author, I am responsible for getting my books edited, revised, formatted, arrange for book covers, and then uploading to etailers. And then the never ending promotion and marketing begins, because after all that effort, I want you to know about my books.

I love every one of my books, and I hope you will too. My greatest desire is to entertain, engage, and uplift my readers, heart and soul.

And of course, make a fair amount of money doing all this. That fair amount of money thing seems very subjective. The universe of readers has not yet quite caught up with my financial dreams, but hey, universe, I’m sure you’re working on it.

Enjoy always,  T