When Daily Word connects to daily life.

Today, as I was returning from a weekend zydeco music festival in San Diego called Gator By The Bay, I was thinking about how it’s been a little over ten years since I started writing romance stories. When I began, I had no idea where my writing would take me, but here I am, ten years later and still writing, and still loving it.
When I got home and looked at my email for the Daily Word from Unity, here is what I found:
New Chapter
Each day holds the potential for a new chapter in my life.
Monday, May 15, 2017

My life is like a book—an ever-unfolding story, presenting new adventures and possibilities at each turn of the page. Events and activities continue along, building upon the narrative of my life.

I am the author of each chapter, writing my story according to the choices I make. When I want to change the direction of my path, I make choices that open the way to new adventures.

YES, I am the author of my life, and more than a few romance stories.  Always learning, always exploring, and most importantly, always enjoying the story as it unfolds.

Enjoy always, T