Thoughts on creativity. #amwriting

library-425730_1280 3I really enjoy being a writer.

It has been said that no one ever dies wishing they had spent more time at the office. That sounds true, but maybe it isn’t.

Maybe a person would regret not having more time to spend at their work if their life’s work was one of purpose, like tending to the sick and mending the hurts of others. Perhaps, if a person was an artist and created great works of art, on their deathbed they would feel there was so much more they wanted to accomplish.

I’ve always viewed creative endeavors as pure enjoyment, creating contentment at its fullness. Even if there are struggles and trials along the way, the net result is a joyful reward onto itself.

Enjoy always, T

One thought on “Thoughts on creativity. #amwriting

  1. So well said, Tricia. When I used to teach, I often said that all people have two basic drives (beyond the obvious survival ones): to have fulfilling relationships and to be productive in a meaningful way. Define those two drives however you will. If you have those things in your life, you feel whole or satisfied; if you don’t have one or either, you feel as if something is wrong, even if your physical needs are met.


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