Reading Regency Romance

gilded ballWhenever I read Regency romance novels, I tend to pretend they take place in a galaxy far, far away, or at least in a parallel universe, because as we all know, they certainly don’t take place in historical England.

With the impressive number of Regency and Victorian romance novels with lords and ladies available to be read (and more being added everyday), the British Isles would be overrun with so many royal aristocrats, there would be nary any room for the commoner to set up a little cottage and tend a farm.

What a blessing, thanks to Regency romance, that we have such a plethora of dukes, viscounts, earls, barons and a number of good knights who are all in need of a wife. Interestingly, all are able to secure the perfect love match for a happily ever after.

While I don’t write Regency romance, I find the cultural setting appealing, as do several thousand other readers. I’m sure it’s the culturally accepted restrictions on manners and etiquette, especially in the area of public displays of affection (which we take so much for granted these days) that make for such interesting obstacles toward those happy endings. While reading Regency romance, like most other romance, I think of it happening in a place far, far away, and in a way it does. It takes place in the imagination of the author, and because they have shared their story, it can also take place in mine.

Enjoy always, T