Edits of books past.

I wonder what this says about me. I am going through my first 3 books of the MacNicol/Ellers time-travel adventures to polish some edits and update where needed. I plan to repackage and republish as A Time To . . . series. As I go through my earlier books, not only am I enjoying the stories all over again, but as I read, I am wondering what will happen next and am really pleased with how the story unfolds. It’s nice to be surprised by my own writing. Enjoy always, T

One thought on “Edits of books past.

  1. That’s wonderful, Trisha! They always say to give some time before you edit your work so you can look at it with fresh eyes. How delightful to read and enjoy the story you wrote! I wish you ton and tons of success with the repackaging project! 🙂 ❤


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