Sneak-a-Peeks: an excerpt from UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN.

A snippet from UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN.

“Think what you wish, but motherhood does not release you from your contract. Nor does having an affair while on a mission earn you any bonus points; and with a local boy, no less.”
How nice of him to remind her of the error of her ways. It seemed Jules actually enjoyed putting her through all manner of tribulation for perverse, eccentric, and mysterious reasons she would surely never understand.
“If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather forego this little trip down memory lane and get right to business. Didn’t you call me here to discuss my next mission?” Victoria asked impatiently. The sooner she got on with the mission, the sooner she would be reunited with her daughter. At least that’s what Jules had promised. To her, it looked as though he was holding her daughter as collateral to ensure her unfailing loyalty. Since her recall into service, neither of them had been allowed to leave his castle. Of course he claimed it was for her own good, and to ensure Maggie’s safety while she was away, but Victoria had her doubts. As far as she knew, the Maestro had never lied to her; he might deceive her ten ways to Sunday, but he never outright lied to her. Still, if doing whatever was needed to get whatever he wanted could be considered evil, then yes, Jules Vanderzeit—known to his couriers as “The Maestro”—was indeed an evil little man.

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