So What Happened?

Okay, so like what happened. I came here and told you all about how I was going to launch my latest book, Until We Meet Again, and I asked for your loving support (i.e. please buy my book!) and then I went all silent on you. What happened, you ask. Distraction hit me – hard, what can I say. I know – bad, lame, and not good.

So now that the dust has settled, let me tell you how things went. On the weekend of my book launch,  on 2-20-15, it reached #12 in Hot New Releases on Amazon under time-travel romance.  A BIG Thank You to my friends and fans.

It was pretty darn exciting. It was like throwing a big party and everyone came. And had a good time. And laughed a lot.  Okay, maybe that was me doing the laughing and having a good time, I’ll admit it. I enjoyed the ride.

Fun while it lasted.
Fun while it lasted.

The roller coaster is in cruise control now. Sales have settled down and I’m sure I’ve dropped off the hot new released list and probably any other lists my book was on. Fame never lasts forever, except for that 0.00001 percent, like Jesus and Buddha and Gingus Kan. But still we create. Whether we write, draw, paint, dance, sing, or program web sites, we are driven to create. And then the next thing comes along – and the next – and the next – and I think you understand what I mean. There’s always something else, something more to take our place in line, even when we’re standing at the back of the line, which eventually becomes the front, which sets us back to the beginning, but I think I got distracted.

Anyway, And yet, we still create. It’s the never-ending story, called life and living.  And ain’t life grand?

Well, yes, as a matter of fact, it is.

So, here’s my latest and greatest news. Something to even overshadow hitting #12 in Hot New Releases on Amazon.  Let me share with you all, right here, I’ve been flocked – and I liked it.

So until we meet again, Enjoy Always, T

Friendly looking birdies, aren't they?
Friendly looking birdies, aren’t they?

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