Pretty darn excited.

I’m getting ready to release my next book, Until We Meet Again, and I’m pretty darn excited. Nearly as excited as when I released my first book, Return In Time.

Though this isn’t my first book release – and you can only be a virgin once – it’s still pretty darn exciting every time I get ready to launch a book baby out into the great big reading world.

This book has been a long time coming. Life and my limited experience with all things technological have hindered and slowed the process, but perseverance has prevailed. I finished the book in June of 2014, but then it took me over six months to get it edited, to get a beautiful book cover and to get it formatted and ready for release.

Now, I’m almost there. I can almost imagine that new book smell as I hold a printed copy hot off the press.

Get ready world, because here I come with book #5, Until We Meet Again.

Enjoy always, T

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