Until We Meet Again

Just a snippet from Until We Meet Again – Chapter 1

Present Day
She couldn’t be more than a minute or two late for their appointment, and yet the Maestro checked his watch the moment Victoria Winters stepped into his office, deliberately displaying his obsession with time. Time—and his precious collection of musical artifacts—were the only things Jules Vanderzeit cared about. People were only useful in their ability to function as couriers to retrieve the latest object of his obsession.

5 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again

    1. Lorna, with four books released and another one on the way, it’s keeping my busy. I’m very happy with the reception my books are getting and I look forward to sending this next one, Until We Meet Again, out into the big wide reading world. Always a grand experience.


  1. Hi Tricia,

    That’s a very short teaser though you have beautifully brought in possibilities through your protagonist’s obsession with time. So how do you plan to go forward?

    Wish your novel great sales!



    1. Shakti, the book is finished and in the final editing stage. I’m very excited about this story and am really looking forward to its release later this year.
      Enjoy always, T


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