Deleted scene from Return In Time.

Lately I’ve been running snippets from my Ellers Family time-travel series. I recently came across a deleted scene I had saved from the first book, Return In Time. It’s set in the POV of Lady Lydia, and since she is a secondary character in the story, I was advised to leave it out. But here’s a behind the scenes look at the mind of my favorite meddling Mother-in-law; a deleted scene from Return In Time.

If anyone had taken notice of Lady Lydia as she sat alone in her tent, it would appear she had fallen asleep. In truth, she had been summoned from beyond the veil for a private conversation with her cousin. Recent developments had gained the attention of her great-aunt, the fairy Queen, and Moezell was sent with instructions to discuss the matter.
“Are you aware Rory is in love with Teressa?” Moezell questioned her half-fey cousin.
“I have suspected as much,” Lydia grudgingly acknowledged.
“It appears their souls are truly matched,” Moezell advised her, repeating the words of her grandmother, the Queen.
Lady Lydia glared at her cousin. Moezell smiled.
“What do you propose to do? You brought her here, and you did promise to send her back home.” Moezell refrained from pointing out that Lydia had created this mess, and as such, she had an obligation to make amends.
“I am aware of that,” Lydia snapped, reluctantly accepting the obvious. She avoided answering the question directly as she sorted through the problem.
“Would you have me send him forward with her? It would be highly unusual.” Moezell pressed for Lydia’s response, knowing her grandmother would never allow it. She rather enjoyed watching her elder cousin struggle for a solution.
“Nay, I don’t believe that’s right or necessary.” Lydia wasn’t willing to give up the presence of her son to placate his passions. His place was with her, his family and his clan. She thought on it for a moment longer. “Instead I would recommend he be allowed to return, if his soul desires.” Lydia felt pleased with the idea. It was a less than perfect solution, but it would work.
“Return!” Moezell raised her fine silver brow. “And have him wait?”
“If theirs is truly a soul match, as you believe, a few hundred years will be nothing, a mere moment in time.” Lydia was gaining confidence in her solution.
“It’s over seven centuries. And you’re a fine one to speak so. You could only wait until the birth of your own granddaughter to return.” Moezell’s mocking laughter chimed in the breeze.
“Three generations or several hundred years – what does it matter? All of time is only a perception.” Lydia brushed aside her cousin’s concerns. She would not be deterred from her decision.
“Are you certain of your choice?” Moezell asked, giving her cousin one last chance to change her mind. “Once declared, it cannot be changed.”
“I am certain,” Lydia replied. She declared the matter to be set into motion, and so it was.
The cousins smiled in agreement for all that had been accomplished, each for their own reasons, and the world behind the veil sparkled with delight.

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