Snippet from Somewhere To Belong.

Daniel woke to the face of an angel. Backlit by the sun, she was framed by a halo of glowing red hair. Her pale white skin took on an iridescent glow. Innocent green eyes peered back at him. He smiled, thinking he’d gone to heaven.
Startled, the woman pulled back. “You’re alive!”
His smile deepened. “Alive? You mean I’m not in heaven?”
The angelic vision shook her head. “Nay.”
Of course there was still the possibility he was dreaming. He was feeling dazed and lightheaded. If this was a dream, he figured he could do whatever he wanted, and right now he wanted very much to kiss this angel. He attempted to lift his head towards the delicate face bending over him but the painful protest of his muscles as he started to move confirmed he was both awake and alive.

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