The Mastery of Love.

I recently finished reading The Mastery Of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, a practical guide to the art of relationship.   I’m not really sure I would call it a practical guide to the art of relationship, but that’s what the book says. I found it to be like a two and a half hour movie that could have been shown in 30 minutes. There was a lot of repetition of the core concepts, over and over. That’s not to say it isn’t filled with nuggets of deep truth and helpful insights. It is. And I would recommend the book to anyone interested in the art of loving the world and yourself, as you are.

It seems to me that one of the core messages, if not the core message was: If you don’t like a person, or a group of people , you can walk away from that person or persons. But if you don’t like yourself, it doesn’t matter where you go, you are  right there.  – – – Yeap, I’d have to agree.

And I really liked this one:  Everyone has a price, and Life respects that price. But that price is not measured in dollars or in gold; it is measured in love. More than that, it is measured in self-love. How much you love yourself–that is your price–and life respects the price. When you love yourself, your price is very high, which means your tolerance fro self-abuse is very low. . . If you don’t like things about yourself, your price is a little lower.  – – – I’d like to think my price is very high. I’m pretty pleased with me. No brag, just fact.

He also says things like, don’t believe everything you hear or read and don’t believe everything you think. Believe what feels good and right and makes you truly happy.  I’m good with that too.

Writing romance stories makes me feel happy — so I write romance stories — and I am happy. Of course,  I hope my stories will entertain and make other people happy, but that’s really not my concern. As selfish as this may seem, I’m not here to make the world happy, I’m here to be happy with the world.  Thankfully, more often than not, I am very happy with my life in this world. And I hope you are too.

Love and blessing to you.  May you enjoy always,  T

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