Looking back to where it all began.

Six years ago when I started writing, I was inspired to write the book I wanted to read. Something different that included the romance of time-travel and the metaphysical theme of reincarnation. So I sat down and wrote Return In Time. It was an appropriate title as I believe we all return in time through our various lifetimes on this earth. We’ve been here before and it only makes sense that we’ll be here again someday, in another life.

I left a big question unanswered in that first book: What happened to Rory after Teressa left and returned to her own time?  So I wrote a second book to answer that question and I gave Teressa’s brother, Daniel, a chance to make a choice and to experience his ability to shape his life. Daniel’s story is called Somewhere To Belong. That’s something we all want to have – a place to belong.

Then, because I like things to come in groups of three, I wrote Away Over Yonder. I wanted to bring the story full circle – back to the present with a strong focus on the need to forgive – really on the benefits of forgiveness. It’s about how we can carry our hurts from past lives with us into lives after lives, until we truly forgive.

I started out writing for myself and it became something I wanted to share with others. I wrote these stories because they called to me, they made sense to me and because I enjoyed them. I published them so others could also enjoy them. I don’t expect everyone to like my books, maybe only a few, but I support every writer who wants to tell their story. I think it’s in our nature to want to tell stories, and our desire to learn from the stories of others. Stories are the greatest learning device for how to live our life and better understand the world around us. From the emotions they provoke we learn to pick and choose what feels right for us and hopefully we learn how to better understand our fellow human beings. And through our stories, we expand our awareness of others and ourselves.

Through stories we can experience a world that is bigger than ourselves and truly, as they say, be carried away.

May you be carried away by a good story – – – and Enjoy Always. T

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