Dreaming In Moonlight.

You Know you want it.
Dreaming In Moonlight
Beautiful new cover: Dreaming In Moonlight by Viola Estrella.

Okay, so the last time I was here, which I admit was some time ago, I talked/wrote about Dreaming In Moonlight, my next book soon to be released (as soon as I got the cover art done). Well, hold on to your hats my friends, cuz it’s done. And beautiful. At least, I think it’s beautiful. Can’t speak for anyone else.  I connected with Viola Estrella, who was referred by a fellow writing friend, and sent her my ideas. A few weeks later, she put my ideas into images. Now how nice is that? Pretty darn nice, if you ask me. I’ve had a few people, mostly very loving friends, tell me that they like it, so I have a bit of confidence that I’m not alone in thinking it’s lovely, but if I was, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Anywhoo, now I’m working with the good folks at Purple Papaya to get the book published out to all the major on-line booksellers as an ebook. It should be available before the big Christmas buying rush, which for a book that is NOT about Christmas or the holidays, doesn’t really mean much, but it’s nice to know I beat my self-imposed end of year deadline by over 30 days. Yahoo. (sounds like a good name for a wet site, what do you think, about Yahoo, I mean.)

As you can tell, or not, I’m kind of in a random mood, probably giddy with the idea of having another new book ready to be released. Either that, or three weeks of massage therapy is finally kicking in.

I hope to be back soon with news that it’s up and available for purchase. Until then, here’s a taste on just what it’s all about. . . Enjoy always, T

What he thought was the blessing of a lifetime becomes an unimaginable curse when Lord Gavin Richard Montague, the Grand Duke of Maninberg, agrees to accept immortality from Tazire, a powerful wizard, in exchange for complete control of his kingdom. Now he can never leave.

Besides being Tazire’s great granddaughter, Lady Tara Zanders, is an experienced dream weaver who would rather travel the world than submit to seeking out a husband. When she finds herself attracted to the charming spellbound duke, her curiosity is aroused and her wanderlust falters. She quickly realizes that Lord Gavin is trapped in his kingdom, but she doesn’t know why.

There’s a battle brewing just outside his kingdom that threatens her safety. He wants to protect her. She wants to uncover his secrets.

Each feels the pull of their passion, but will their well-guarded secrets destroy any hope they may have of finding mutual happiness and truly lasting love?   

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. It means a lot to me, coming from you, my dear fellow blogger. I’m happy to know you like blue. I do think it has a dreamy look to it. May you Enjoy Always, T


  1. Congratulations!

    Being able to complete something one is passionate about brings such a great feeling does it not? I wish you success with the publishing part.



    1. Viola is a cover artist. She has a web site you can visit to check out her work. And no, she’s not expensive, very reasonable for great results.
      Lovely to see you again….. Enjoy always, T


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